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  1. FAC257

    P3d V4.4 and UTX V2?

    On my setup the UTX entries always start just above the highest P3D default scenery directory. All but one add-on airport scenery entries are above the UTX entries. Oddly I have one airport that has display issues if I don't move it below the UTX entries. When upgrading to newer sim versions UTX is usually the third global add-on I install, so it ends up just above the default scenery automatically.
  2. FAC257

    Quality S. American airports?

    Sorry, meant to post this a little sooner for the OP. I fly almost exclusively in the South America, Central America, Caribbean, & Florida regions. The South American airports listed below are the ones I have working just fine with P3D 4.2 & 4.3. All are on top of the full UTX, GEX, & FSGlobal Ultimate combo. Note: I use the 3 TropicalSim Rio & Sao Paulo airports on top of the Paulo Ricardo cityscapes for those two areas as they add a bit more detailing to the actual airport areas. Aerosoft - Bonaire (Requires AFM flatten) Aerosoft - Cuzco (Fake FSX.exe install & ADE removal of default airport bleed thru ramp texture) Aerosoft - Quito LatinWings -Santa Barbara De Barinas LatinVFR - Caracas LatinVFR - La Paz LatinVFR - Lima LatinVFR - Montevedeio (Requires AFM flatten) LatinVFR - Santiago LatinVFR - Crown Point (Disable XS_TTCP.bgl in Scenery\World) Paulo Ricardo - Fortaleza Paulo Ricardo - Joinville Paulo Ricardo - Rio De Janeiro (De-Activate Default Rio Paulo Ricardo - Salvador Paulo Ricardo - Sao Paulo TropicalSim - Buenos Aires TropicalSim - Rio De Janeiro TropicalSim - Santos Dumont TropicalSim - Sao Paulo I enjoy all of these airports, but the hidden gem for South America just may be LatinWings - Santa Barbara De Barinas (SVSB). Very atmospheric tiny airport, but I've managed to get both our 377 and L049 in and out of there pretty easily. Forest "FAC257" - A2A Beta Team
  3. FAC257

    Support for Paulo Ricardo Sceneries

    I just contacted him through regular email. I do have Joinville running in P3DV4, as well as Fortaleza, Rio De Janeiro, Salvador, & Sao Paulo. Forest
  4. FAC257

    Support for Paulo Ricardo Sceneries

    Shortly after switching to P3Dv4, I wrote him and asked if there were any updated files that I needed. I had a reply back from him by the end of that same day, with all of the updated V4 zip files for every one of his sceneries that I own. From my experience he's a really easy person to talk to and work with. Forest
  5. Good morning on this end,Thanks for the file. I Installed it as per your instruction and fired up ASX and FSX. Unfortunantly I had exactly the same results.But I did try a slight adjustment that zeroed in a little bit more on the culprit.Using the file you sent I loaded up the flight plan that ends at RPVM. This resulted in the same situation where the airports are located correctly when comparing the ASX map with just the "Airports" active and the default FSX planner map. The anomoly occurs when I bring up the ASX "Airports" and "Route" info at the same time. Then it shows the correct "Airport" locations along with the incorrect "Route" generated airport locations at the same spots.I've included a pic of this which I forgot to include with the other pics yesterday. Along with the bi-coding of airports, legs of the flight are missing even though the route leg is between two airports without non-conventional WPs in the leg.I cured the problem with this flight plan by editing the original flight plan removing all of the non-navaid and non-airport WPs. With that done both the ASX & FSX planner maps, text flight plans and the ASX "Airport" and "Route" options show exactly the same thing. So it appears that the inclusion of non-conventional WPs in an FSX flight plan when imported into ASX causes the ASX routing system to become confused. This results in the "Route" and "Airport" options showing different airport codes at the same location and missing flight legs. Now with a question about that file you posted. Is that a file that was missing from my ASX install or just an idea you had. Should I keep it in there? And by the way I forgot to say thanks for the work you guys did in coming up with ASX/XG. It's easily my favorite made for FSX product I've purchased so far. Thanks again.!FAC
  6. Just realized also that in Image #1 RPSM is the northern most airport o the plan and in Image#2 it's the southern most airport on the plan.FAC
  7. Hi Jim Here you go.I've got the images numbered and the shots for each flight were taken with the aircraft sitting at the same location during each flight.Images #1 & #2 are from one flight and #3 & #4 are from the other flight.Comparing Images 1 & 2: Airports RPVQ, RP15, RPVE, RPVH and RPVH are in entirely different locations. All waypoints and airports after RPSM(ASX) which is the equivilant to RPVJ(FSX) are missing.Comparing Images #3 & #4The only airports that are located in the same places between the two shots are RPMO and RPMI.Hope there' some clues here for you.ThanksFAC
  8. Hi Jim, >>> Always best to start new threads! <<
  9. So I don't have to re-type this all over again here's a cut and paste of a bit I wrote in another unrelated thread. Thought we might need to bring it over here....>>>>> I've been flying during these last two days on the same long distance multi-legged FSX flight plan file. I just noticed yesterday afternoon that although the flight plan route shows up correctly on the map view the airport codes are listed on the wrong airports. Under the map options if I bring up "Airports" the airports are shown correctly on the map. If I deactivate "Airports " and bring up the "Route" option, the path is correct but some of the airports are then listed at the wrong locations. If I activate both the "Route" and "Airport" there are then some airports with two different airport codes in the same location.I didn't notice this anomoly at all during the first day of flying while checking out ASX/XG, so the first thought train I'm looking at now is that maybe a corruption of some sort happened when I started the exisitng flight back up on day two and reloaded everything including re-importing the flight plan back into ASX ???????Another thought.....With the new capabilities in the FSX flight planner, I use alot of non-navaid and non-airport routing waypoint locations in my flight plans. I'm wondering if these "un-official" route entries are throwing the ASX import function off somehow. <<<<