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  1. You need to have FRAPS set for full size, and not half size. As far as getting away from big file sizes, well, the tip I just gave you is going to make it worse. I have about 2TB of harddrive space I use for the AoA videos, and I'm starting to run out!You can also turn the sound off in the FRAPS menu to get better capturing FPS. Also, make sure you capture to a separate harddrive. That wields good results.I've spent countless days trying to find a better option, and I only found one. It is a professional piece of hardware that costs about 4000 dollars.FRAPS is the way to go.
  2. I have heard that it was fixed completely. Should be interesting to see how well the bird taxis now.
  3. Regardless of who or what it is, there is a major issue. Planes don't fall out of the sky when all the T's and I's are crossed and dotted, if you catch my 'drift'. It's a continued problem that remains a mystery. We'll probably see it go away again and come back next summer (Northern Hemisphere).
  4. That section should never be blank, and those are temps that finally sound normal.
  5. This is an Active Sky issue. I have an experiment for you guys.Next time you're in a situation like this, look at your TAT above the EICAS N1 and then press pause. Watch the fluctuation in temperature. I've seen as much as a 40*C difference!ActiveSky will just tell you that 'it's warmer this time of year'. Is it honestly, on average, +3*C around the world at FL310?! I think not!You guys will find really no answer to this and no drive by ActiveSky to want to fix it.My first inclination was exactly like yours. 'Ah, it's gotta be weights!' Well, it's not! I've tried all different combinations. Even with the thrust set to CON in the THRUST LIMIT page, you won't be able to keep up with the draining speed.One thing that seemed to assist my situation was going into FSUIPC and changing the winds and temp changes to something like 1 degree per 5 seconds. It's ultra smooth, but it seems to have fixed the issue, for now.Let me know what you guys experience with these ideas, if you agree or disagree, etc. I'm interested to see what you come up with.
  6. Rob nailed it. With fuel planners I'll get the 'bing' FMC message quite a bit. This because I have the tailwind for the flight dialed in, and it doesn't pick that up. Now, it could also work conversely. Say you had major headwinds for the flight. Everything could seem find to start, but then you could come back to find that you ran out of fuel before you made it to Point B. Usually this data is actually entered into the FMC in the winds section of each leg. In real life, this data would more than likely be uploaded to the system, and it would be all good to go. Sadly, with one of the PMDG updates, this feature was abolished and for some odd reason just flat out doesn't work anymore. It's a bummer, but heck, we do what we can. The simulation is incredible, and a few little 'hiccups' aren't going to kill anyone. Even the most technologically advanced aircraft have their unique nuances that pilots must compensate for. Just see it as a challenge!As far as your fuel message, just make sure you have the right amount. If you know you have the right amount and you are planning on some tailwinds, you can enter in a lower reserve to start the flight (entered on the perf page). Often times you may even want to bump it up slightly with the PMDG options menu until you see that there is a favorable amount as your 'fuel remaining' for the destination on the PROGress page.Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to know about it.
  7. As Dan mentioned, that is a good habit to get into. However, if you were coming down from 12K and wanted to hold at 7K with VNAV, and still have the MCP window at 3000, it can be done.When you enter the hold in the FMC, just make sure you set your speed and altitude is LSK1R and the VNAV should pick everything up from there. Once you exit the hold, the VNAV should descend to the next altitude constraint, not unnecessarily that of the MCP window.Usually, under 10K, VNAV isn't used a whole heck of a lot. It all depends on the situation, of course, but I usually use FLCH under 10K (as well as the majority of captains our there).Happy Flying!
  8. It's a thing of Beauty! I've done a few very simple repaints of my own and I can't even imagine what you're going through with this paint... You're an artist, no doubt!
  9. I was in your exact same position, if not worse. It got to the point where I didn't know where else to turn, so I gave this a shot. Even after spending 3 G's on a computer, I was unsatisfied. Needless to say, 80 bux solved ALL my problems!
  10. The range of different tweaks, odd windows behaviors and other interesting anomalies that come with getting the best performance out of FS is a daunting task and takes years to figure out. About 3 years into it, I got smart; I started using FS-GS! Even more so when I ventured into making my own commercial products for FS. They turned a mediocre computer of mine into an FS monster.www.fs-gs.comI'm not suggesting here that PMDG sucks the life out of FS, cause it doesn't. They are the smartest company I know of when it comes to behind the scenes texture and model settings that allow for the best performance, while not sacrificing realism. I'm only suggesting that like every 3 year old child, each computer somehow has a mind of it's own, cops an attitude, and at times just doesn't like being told what to do (aka, run certain programs). With a default environment (no tweaks, no extra stuff going on like FSautostart) and based on your current computer configuration, I'd say you're getting the typical performance based on the cumulative factors.You can get double out of your machine what you're getting now, but not by conventional methods. This guy says it better than I ever could.http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=135159&page=Give FSGS a write and have a chat with them.
  11. The ground friction model with FS is unrealistic and is highly sensitive to drag. From what I hear, this is fixed with FSX.
  12. Hey Abe,Not sure what I can add to this, but it does seem like quite an odd situation. Sometimes it'll take a bump of the controls or something else simple to knock it off. I leave the thing on for 13+ hours at times, so that shouldn't be the issue.All I can say is always watch your Flight Mode Annunciator to make sure that you are in fact in LNAV as your lateral AFDS mode.
  13. I've tried all drivers known to man and they don't change anything. Being the latest nVidia ones, WHQL, etc.Make sure you do half quality on the clouds, I think you'll see a huge improvement.
  14. I can deal with the preview screen not working, but it's the forced 30 FPS and the extremely decreased FRAPS performance that is driving me up a wall! I believe I have narrowed it down, to all things, clouds. It seems that with ANY sort of cloud, it goes away from the solid 48 FPS I usually get, with sliders maxed. With this video card messing with the CPU as it does when the AIRAC database loads, I wouldn't be surprised if this card does something funky to the CPU. I'm frustrated! I hope you and I get answers soon!
  15. Wow! Just ran through your test, and it sure does work! Exactly as you explained it. Load times were much quicker this time. I'm going to do some in game tests now to see if this fixes some other issues of mine.
  16. I read through this entire topic as I am having the EXACT same issue with the EXACT same video card switch. There definitely is something going on here.
  17. Hopefully you guys on the top floor of the PMDG enterprise will get a break to get out and have some good ol' family fun! You guys deserve a bit of a breather. Just don't burn your hands with fireworks, cause you'll need them to continue writing code!Happy 4th to all you customers and fellow simmers as well!
  18. It isn't ready yet. We are still working hard, as PMDG is, to get our product out. We're VERY excited with what we see so far! There are some screenshots on the 747 product page.
  19. So it ISN'T a visual illusion. Thanks for the info.
  20. Wow! Looking awesome! I love that old livery. Didn't United plan on painting a couple planes in this livery? I thought I recalled hearing that a few months back.
  21. She's a beautiful bird!Has anyone ever noticed how some paints cause the "hump" on top to look shorter than other planes? It's an odd visual illusion. Or maybe the -F is different in some way in that regard? Don't think so. Now I'm just rambling...
  22. Good observation, Matt. PMDG does a great deal at being attentive to detail. Like Vin said, there are compromises to me made. But it's nice to know that people like yourself are always looking to improve the realism.
  23. Seems like new screenshots of the 74X paints is all I come here for these days. Love it, Pete. Keep it up!
  24. I landed in WSSS yesterday and there is something wrong with the AFCAD. Runway 30 L ( I think) is very rough. I've seen this from time to time, and my guess is that the AFCAD is showing the runway texture, and really the friction model is that of dirt. I can't imagine trying to take off on that!Try and find a replacement on Avsim.
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