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  1. Griff

    EFASS owners

    They have released a patched version for users that will allow you to connect to their new servers. This works for me and you have the option to get the new version as well.
  2. Okay, I'll give it a go. Thanks.........
  3. I ran the the new installer and downloaded 24 GB of updates/scenery files. I have terrain at lower latitudes (Australia) but nothing at +60 latitude. Are these scenery files still missing? I double checked my installed scenery on the "add/remove scenery" map and it shows Iceland/Greenland as blue or installed. Thanks for any responses.
  4. Griff

    X-Enviro is OUT

    I have seen that weird water/repeating pattern in XP11 with pb3 and I don't have xEnviro installed.....just FYI.
  5. I was finally able to make a flight last night using the new version and everything well went. LEPA-EHAM (Aerosoft A320 and Aerosoft LEPA/EHAM scenery) and all phases of flight worked as advertised. The only issue was the assignment of a gate upon landing at EHAM which I should have pre-selected when creating the flight plan. The program assigned me a cargo gate after landing but I just ignored it. Looking forward to future flights............
  6. Wish I could....still can't get the update to download and install. I'll try again later in the event there is a server issue. ....finally got it installed. Will try a flight soon!
  7. Griff

    PacSim SLC soon to be released

    I have three of their products for FSX: Ninoy Acquino, Taiwan, and Nagasaki. They are all great with nice performance and visuals. KSLC will be a first day purchase for me and I'm very excited to see that they are doing a major airport for the US. Hope this helps...........
  8. Yes, I have been watching the threads and please don't misunderstand my intentions. I don't expect Orbx or any other company to troubleshoot each person's flight simming machine/install for local problems. I am simply looking at this situation as someone who didn't have problems before the new unified look-up was introduced and now, I have a hard time enjoying my sim because of the texture loading problems. I have installed the new libraries, new FTX central, ran the tool, and everything is in order. I have tried (again) to delete the contents of the shader folders and the scenery indexes to see if that fixes the problem after the latest migration. I'm out of for the day but will try another flight later this afternoon/evening to see if the problem has been rectified with the scenery indexes. Yes, in the past Orbx has made things right and believe me, I (like many) have supported Orbx for quite some time with my wallet. And, I have no intention of giving up on them. But, when Ed Correria says this over at the Orbx forums: "Personally I have not experienced blurries and reports from our testers have also not reported any issues with blurries. Most of us are running good systems with no config tweaks. No one at Orbx will be investigating as we do not believe that unified lclookup is a factor, sorry to be blunt." I have reason to be concerned. If they don't want to acknowledge the issue then I either have to keep looking through the various threads and hope someone finds a solution or re-install my scenery files with the old libraries and end the ride with Orbx. I don't see any other solution. Anyway, I'll try another flight later and hopefully things will be rectified.
  9. Don't worry there Mr. Stewart, I did follow the "very explicit instructions" per Orbx. According to the migration process and the new tool released, everything is in order with my install. And yes, it is a matter of opinion about when one's sim is broken. Believe me, flying over Europe with textures which are a blurry mess is definitely not an enjoyable experience. I'm sure Orbx will address the issue since this new process has caused problems with texture loading while flying. Maybe for only a small percentage of its customers but since they introduced this "need" to no longer have to switch regions, it is on them to make things right.
  10. Yeah....that is sounding like a great idea at this point. I want my sim back.....but now that they have moved to the unified look up, I wouldn't be able to upgrade to the next OpenLC release for North America. Very frustrating to have a supposed "necessary" item break the sim.
  11. Griff

    installing update without losing liveries

    As an update, I just installed the latest update for the NGX series with no issues. Open up your Operations Center and you should have a notification regarding your liveries. Choose the option to "repair" and your liveries will be installed. Then, go through your list of installed liveries and click the "update" button for each livery if there are updates available. It doesn't take too long. Hope this helps.
  12. Griff

    installing update without losing liveries

    I have never had a problem with my liveries after an uninstall. After the re-install is complete, open the Operations Center and it should ask if you if you want to repair your liveries. Choose yes and it will restore your liveries.
  13. Griff

    PRO-ATC/X version 1.4 is out

    Also, make sure you enable full logging in the program options (options-application tab-log events). Pro-ATC has a folder called "Logs" and will keep all of your logs for each flight. That way if you experience a problem you can post it on their web page for the developer to review. The program is coming along but still has some issues that need to be ironed out. I'm glad to see the frequency in updates since the recent release of 1.4.
  14. Griff

    PRO-ATC/X version 1.4 is out

    I'm still evaluating the new version but I was hoping for the ability to select/change arrival runways while in flight. It will still choose the wrong runways based on wind direction...I'm hoping I missed something but my biggest grief with the program is the handling of runway assignments when departing/arriving.
  15. I have been noticing that the P-51 is a pain in the rear to taxi. Now, I read in another post (couldn't find it) where it was mentioned that actual P-51 pilots verified that the handling and flight capabilities of the P-51 representation in Acceleration are accurate. I was looking at the P-51 from the spot view tonight and noticed that once the throttles are advanced (even slightly), the tail wheel no longer touches the ground. Once the throttle is at idle and the aircraft stops rolling, the tail wheel returns to the ground. Is this the same for others? Once I use rudder input, the aircraft maintains the turn and I can only stop it by applying the right or left brake, depending on the direction of the turn. Just curious if others are experiencing this too. Thanks.