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  1. Brussels has a problem that causes 3gd.dll error, its seems to be a common error with longer routes that pass close by (Brussels vor) when that scenery is installed and there is no mention anywhere on how to fix it on any of the fs9 related forums. I have been forced to delete it to solve this error.
  2. can anybody help me ...Why do I have white blocks in the new scenery for LKPR and how do I fix this,,it looks like I have missing scenery textures but I dont see any mention of what I need to add or where I get the files from...please help
  3. I am hoping someone can help me as I have two overlapping river thames cutting throgh london, I have VFR london UTE and howards mix, how do I remove the rivers in these files or go about finding the offending files...thanks for any help
  4. I have bought this voice product fot the fs9 ifly 737 I am unable to make it work as I dont think I have the voice recognition program that is needed. I have windows xp 64 and I am unable to get the voice program ti install. When i install the fs2voice into the ifly 737 it jumps about like mad. Please dont tell me to read the manual as I have followed it step by step and it will not work....I am at a complete loss into how to get it to work PLEASE HELP Geoff
  5. Gary Thanks mate......that was it
  6. Hi Im Back having just uninstalled fs9 and reinstalled as suggested to Comp-Flight sim and I am still not able to install into flight sim from the add-on file. If I go to scenery libraryAdd AreaAddon Scenery - (double click to open) and then click on a chosen scenery file and click OKit just opens the file to show the texture/scenery folders but it will not transfer it to the flight sim scenary area. I have no idea what I have done wrong so it still will not work Geoff
  7. Oh Dear I was affraid something like this wag going to happem.... Thanks Jim I will try it Geoff
  8. hello Jim I installed FS9 from thr main disk set..In the same way I have installed it on evry machine I have ever used...neve had this before as I said now I can not move the scenary area list, if I move tham around to get Ultimate terrain to the lowest level above addon scenery when I resart FS its all gone back again, and files I have loaded to the add on scenery will not load into the FS at all Not sure what you mean by doing the right thing and install FS9 outside of the Program Files folder?geoff
  9. Hi I have just installed windows 7 and downloaded flight sim 9 again onto this new machine, I have now began the slow prossess of transfering all of my add on sceneries into the fresh install and my trouble is I am not able to get new scenery downloads into the flight sim. I have ran the .EXE for the scenery and it has loaded into the addon scenery file okay, some have installed directly into flight sim and these I can not move up or down in the priority list and get them to stay where i locate them, as each time i restart the flight sim program thay are back where the were placed on the original download. Also the scenery that has loaded into the add on scenery will not allow me to install it into the scenery area at all. Is this the norm with FS9 on windows 7 or do I need to do something else, I wish I had stayed with XP now Please help if you know what I need to do Geoff
  10. Yes this is exactly what I am refering to........another wanabe developer speaking on behalf of PMDG Please read the bottom of Roberts statement and let PMDG give the final answer, I expect it to be for FSX only but no answer has been made as far as I know for sure. Robert last said on this matter and I quote.....So- once again, we will evaluate the future of FS2004 development as it relates to the 737NG2 in a few months. The major factors in this decision cannot be controlled by any argument here in the forum- they are controlled by the numbers we see in our systems- and MOST IMPORTANTLY by our assessment of the time and monetary costs associated with converting a project this complex to the older platform. Robert S. Randazzo Precision Manuals Development Grouphttp://www.precisionmanuals.com
  11. Hello Robert I have been waiting for this 737 ever since you first announced it was in development, You have since said that you will decide at a latter time nearer release as to what flightsim it will be made to work with...I have not seen a definative answer as yet from PMDG only speculative answers from what I would refer to as wanabe devs. Can you now say one way or the other as to what platforms this will work with as I have been looking for a final answer and can not find it from PMDG. Thanks Geoff
  12. I would say your problem is memory or lack of it, FS needs all the memory you can throw at it. I now have windows 64 with the 4gig switch turned on an 6 gig of ram. I used to get the lock up you describe anywhere near london heathrow, now I can fly there from anywhere in the world with the PMDG 747 and all the sliders maxed out with active sky in any conditions and with VFR london and both EGLL & EGKK from uk 2000 with out the slightest twitch. Get as much ram as your machine can handle with flight sim and you should be hot to trot I also have in excess of 400 ad ons and loads of additionl aircraft, so there is no magic limit its a matter of your machine fiding the correct files for the scenery area and as you get lower so the graphic loading incresses and the memory gets used up as your hard drive gets full.... Hope this helps you set things up to run smoother Geoff
  13. I Have a problem with te surounding area scenery bluring when I get with in 5 miles of the field, does anyone else have such an issue and if they fixed it please let me know what I need to do geoff
  14. Okay then look here http://www.fs2004.co.uk/freeware/scenery/isd-project-italian-scenery there sre good, there are lots out there, half the fun is finding them though
  15. Look here http://www.freewarescenery.com/fs2004.html lots to choose from: some good, some very good, some not so good its a matter of opinion....or get payware if you want top rate scenries
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