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  1. Thanks for replying. This was the first way that I tried it. Path was something like fsx/addonscenery/island/scenery and /texture directories. One had the bgl, the other the bmp. Activated it, no joy. I have done this successfully many times. Zipped and sent to buddy, he saw it, but it was gray because root image for the dxt1 I made was 8 bit. Anyway, he fixed the texture. I sent him the .mdl, and he tried compiling it, and once again it compiled fine. He could see either version, I could not get either version to show up. So, manually straightened out my scenery config, but still can't take this simple bgl and get it to show up, colored gray or otherwise. Very strange. Moving it to the already active addon scenery directory was a troubleshooting procedure. Hope to find an answer, because it's something we want to make available at some point.
  2. I have recently installed the what a wonderful world textures as well as UTX. I have other addons. Now, I have made a bgl that I can't see, but others can. I found my scenery.cfg file in total disarray, but even after manually matching it all up, I still cannot see the bgl, which is an island. I can however land on it. I am using the dx10 preview, but so are others who are seeing it just fine. Wonder if anyone might know why the .bmp texture can't be seen. I have placed it in the active addon scenery/texture directory. Would love to get a peak at my work, but can't see it. Is anyone else having trouble seeing textures or objects after installing these products. The texture for the object is not a default texture, but again, others are seeing it fine, and even sending me pictures of the object, but I cannot see it.
  3. some smart dude told me, good folks on here
  4. I had this, go into ATI Catalyst and up your mipmap quality in there, it fixed me up!
  5. My buddies and I have been using FSHOST to connect and land to time synchronized AI carriers, like in this video Thanks AICARRIERS1.ZIP!!!We have been trying to figure out a way to connect via gamespy, though, and fly slingloads and hoists together in mission or free flight mode. Has anyone made an stand alone slingload that they would be willing to part with for some testing? I lack the skill to make them, but the idea is that if anyone has made one, it could be used to test this method. The hope is that if 2 people can share an aircraft including it's many systems, that maybe the sling hook and hoist would also be able to be operated by, say, a crewchief or rescue hoist operator looking down from the landing gear camera, while a pilot flies. I did this job in the military for a few years, and would love to try it online. OSD had sent me an email regarding this, but I never did find it in my mailbox, nor did I ever find the supposed default freeflight slings at egnl. Help is appreciated.
  6. I like this helicopter, here's a video from youtube. http://youtube.com/watch?v=5dZ2NFl_zXo
  7. Here is a snapshot of my buddy snapping an arrestor cableThe second shot shows how well synced we were, two helicopters on a Frigate moving atjava script:makeRemote('dcboard.php?az=upload_files&forum=121&mesg_id=424286')Click here to choose your attachments 25 kts.
  8. My EH-101 has a camera view down the hellhole for the sling. if I have a slingload in my scenery, and my buddy does too, and we connect via gamespy, couldn't I share the aircraft and help call him over the load. Would it pick up the object in both of our views? This would be most like the kind of sling work I am used to, also bambi bucket work and hoists. I thought I read thst OSD had found some sling loads in free flight placed at EGNL, but I went there and couldn't find any to test my theory. I am suspecting now that he placed them there in some scenery file.
  9. By placing carriers using AICARRIERS2.ZIP and then running FSHOST client from chocolatesoftware, I friend and I were able to sync our time in freeflight, and then connect via the host, and fly patterns on the carrier with the new hornet. Also swithed to the helicopter and landed on the frigates at 25 knots. Great fun, able to watch your buddy land from the deck. Did rollons with the helicopter, too. Syncing our time via voice chat on teamspeak, and walla, freeflight multiplayer deck landings on a moving carrier. Maybe not news to some, but fun for us, also fly missions together, depending on their configuration.
  10. Flying acceleration is fun, but I can't read my menu text anymore. Starts out ok sometimes, but then degrades as I fly to unreadable. Hard in missions, cause I have to guess what it says. Can't read ATC anymore, and can only change settings and such because I remember where they were. Freeflight, missions, everywhere. Sometimes if I don't touch them at all they last a while, but inevitably become garbled.pentium 4 hyperthreaded2 gigs ddr 2 ramATI x1950 proemachine running vista homeBTW, happened right after install of FSXA, so updated video driver by deleting old one and installing new one. Vista installed a default driver while I was tring to install catalyst. Can't stop it, but the problem was there before I messed with the driver, even though FSX never had that problem before. Vista home runs dx10, and the card is dx9, but was working great before. Anybody else. Running a repair on fsxa now with the disk to try to reconcile.
  11. Some thoughts on the EH-101. I fly a twin turbine helicopter for a living, and really enjoy this aircraft. The surging is a bit annoying, but does simulate turbine lag associated with big power changes, wind gusts, etc. However, I think it is manageable. When a helicopter nose wants to move left or right, you just stop it, and you have to be on the ball, it doesn't matter why it wants to moveIn my opinion, the here are the real problems with it's flight dynamics.When power is removed it becomes hard to change pitch. I should be able to dump the collective and nose the aircraft over, and I can't very well.The anti-torque pedals seem much to related to the power setting. In other words, I should be able to move the nose around at low or no power settings, and also at high power settings without any real change to it's responsiveness as long as I am not pulling more power than it's got. Seems to have no tail rotor authority at low power settings, and too much at high, but only in one direction.Overall, it flies like a quirky piece of crap, but I have had so much fun with this helicopter. Frigate landings, sugarloaf repair, avalanche rescue. Getting better.PS instruments are unreadable in VC when you are actually zoomed out enough to look around. Not EVERYONE flies in locked spot. I fly it exclusively from the vc, with trackir, and a top down view windowed to take the place of my crewmember. Have to hit shift Z to know whats going on, and I have excellent vision and a big monitor.
  12. go to www.munchbros.com and get get acquainted. There are great sceneries for Kodiak Island, Kenia Penninsula, and Oregon that the local expert has developes. He made a really cool strip for me in Kodiak that is a challenging landing. Love that website. Fly with them for their wednesday night flight whenever I get the chance. They are all Alaska, all the time. Small town, you might like them
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