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  1. I agree as well, there should be some declaimer at least. maybe a color DOT can be assigned for those models. in the list of FSX add-ons. AT least for the payware models , I have a couple that were converted and have all sorts of problems,glass goes solid at nightgauge problemssome textures don't show at alltool tips not readable.. ect ect, I shouldn't have to do anything but drop the file in the simobjects or run an auto install. and it all work, right?Like A2A's 377 , it perfect, as perfect can be , and for a very fair price yet some of these converted models selling at 25.00 are far less complicated , a fraction of the gauges and .. well , ... I really don't want this to get into "the rant"If my concerns would be considered It would be greatly appreciated Understanding this would be a far bit of work for the site caretakers, Maybe if the developers would be more clear in the description. the payware developers , who are still selling these models, should retract the file from download sites.Consider the freeware modelers for FS9, The best of them gave us addons as perfect as the 377 for freePlease, Any model advertised for FSX should work in every way,(the basic stuff here Gentleman, I know there are all kinds of excuses) ,But not one of them is good enough, to go ahead and sell something with a promise to make it work in the future.If'n your a developer , and you think it's ok?? Give me some money for something that doesn't workand I promise I'll get back to it when I get the time.Wouldn't ever happen, I wouldn't even ask for the money till the Job is finished , and finished properly. we make the world we live in, yes? FSD , Carenardo, ... I'm still waiting,I have a good Laywer, want to go that route?Let Us police ourselves, , this is a hobby , for fun...and that's all, ATB
  2. thank you for your positive responce G-SWSMATB in finding a answer to your questionsJoe
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