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  1. Very Nice.I just wish we had a way to greatly reduce and make far more realistic the approach lights so they are not so big. thanks for the picture!
  2. >Just wondering (hoping)...does Beta 8 work with FS9?I was JUST about to ask the very same thing. Here's to hoping as well...
  3. >>Service 1 is now at map_version=203>Service 2 requested not be used anymore.>Service 3 remains at 1.8>Yeah, I tried it for the first time last week and it stopped running after getting about 1000 feet in the air. I went back to svc. 3.
  4. Something that so many folks seem to forget is that for one reason (or many) there are arguments both for and against FSX and its current use.Ive seen tons of people complain about it, but then Ive seen many folks say how much that they love FSX. I think we tend to get caught up in our own situation so much that we forget that just because we experience the sim one way, that others may have a totally different experience. For me personally, FSX looks awesome but I dont use it for my full size Learjet 45 flight sim. I use FS9 because my PC handles it decently. I have a really old PC right now, but you know what? I bought FSX quite a while back and it actually looks great and runs decent if Im careful where and what I fly. However, I could never fly it in a detailed addon aircraft and at KJFK with all the AI running. Some folks here need to realize that people like Geoff have no reason to lie when they say they get fantastic results. However, many people have state of the art PCs and get horrible results. Why? Who knows? Anyone can take a look at Newegg and see how many different components are available to build a PC. That's one issue. The other is, how well did the system components match up? Another, how well does the user know how to optimize (I know very little). Another, what is the person's expectations on how well it should run?All in all, I think that FS11 is going to be spectacular, but we need to realize that MS has a set budget, a limited time scale, and can only do so much. Hopefully it will run well out of the box (Personally FS2002 ran circles around FS2000 on the SAME PC) and have room for growth. But, it may not. If not, then keep using FS9, or FSX, or somthing else. We all have a choice- no one twists our arms to buy or 'fly' any of these packages.I for one think that the engine will improve, but I believe it will be at a cost to add-ons until the new structure is learned by the 3rd party base.
  5. Peter, I just rejoined this forum yesterday after years of just lurking and being waay more involved with the home sim building side of FS. I now have a Learjet 45 full size flight sim, and I have to say that FS9 looks great with it, but I look forward to FSX once I get a new PC. Peter, although Ive been gone from posting here for a long time, I remember your 'face' around here and it's good to hear from you.To Chris Porter in Perth, were you aware that there is a few full size sim builders in your neck of the woods that would probably be glad to host you over to see their sims? Check out www.mycockpit.org and lookup a bloke named Westozy. Tell him that Eric Tomlin sent you from MC.org.
  6. >>I also like to play first-person shooter games, but I haven't>let that mentality creep into my flight simulation, except>once. That ONE time I deliberately crashed the aircraft when I>was taking one of Rod's lessons and got ticked off when it>terminated prematurely (several times) thanks to Microsoft's>built-in short time constraint. Oops, sorry Rod, but I felt I>needed to auger you in just once. :-violin >>KimI got a good laugh outta that Kim! "...I felt I needed to auger you in just once..."
  7. >>Full Size Learjet 45 Flight Simulator>>KAYS>>Has got me drooling now......Eric, you have any pics? I've>been contemplating a home cockpit based on the Lear 45 or>Citation X.>>>Regards, Kendall >#1: E6750@3.2GHZ/Coolermaster HyperTX2 > Gigabyte P35-DS3L > 4GB Crucial Ballistix Tracers PC6400 > Seagate 250GB 7200.10 SATA2> Gigabyte X800XT -Cat 6.12's> CH Yoke/Pedals/Saitek Throttle > Dual Monitor: Dell 2405/1905 >>#2: Dell 8400 3.2 H.T.> 3GB PC4200 > Diamond Xtreme/Logitech X-530'sHi KendallThe website for my project is at www.flightlevel180.org . Have a look around! Tons of pictures there, but the new panels are not quite here yet so you wont see the sim rebuilt with them for a month or so.Thanks,
  8. I know, I need to lighten up a little here, but as I sat here reading the posts in this thread I became pretty aggravated as I recounted all the times that people have sat down at the PC, or more recently in my full size Learjet 45 simulator, and ask this question (Let's crash it!/Have you ever crashed?/What happens when you crash?/Do I really sound like an idiot when I want to crash it? [j/k])Folks get so easily bored these days. I agree, there are very few people out there that really have an interest to sit down and do things properly.On another note, I cant tell you how many times Ive had a REAL world pilot sit down and want to do rolls and fly inverted and all sorts of aerobatic stuff. This aggravates me too, but at least I can understand their desire to do this to a degree- they have to fly by the numbers and do it with safety always first and so they get a chance go crazy in a sim and blow off flying 'properly'. Rant over-
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