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  1. I am having an issue where it seems like OC isn't connecting to the server. If this has been discussed, I apologize. I haven't been following the forum very closely due to being extremely busy in day-to-day life. However, I am enjoying very much the 777X. I love the ops center functionality of checking to see if there are any updates without having to go to the forums or website. I also like to be able to peruse the liveries. However, for a while now it says it is unable to check for updates or download liveries. It worked fine previously and my internet works fine for everything else. Suggestions?
  2. Rich, you always do the best repaints. Love the top quality every time. (NGX too!)
  3. I know this is only your second post, but I highly suggest editing your message and removing the picture from a.net so that you aren't infringing on Copyright Laws. There is a zero tolerance policy for copyrighted material on Avsim and we want to see you here enjoying, not banned. :smile:
  4. This! If you haven't seen his work in progress, go look now. It looks amazing.
  5. No kidding Rich! That looks stunning. I too thought it was a real picture. Did you alter the spec mapping or is the shine on the tail default and the angle of the shot?
  6. Here are some screenies: (NOTE THAT IT ALREADY HAS PMDG 777 SUPPORT!) It is about 30USD and also worth noting, you can create a plan file for import into PMDG aircraft FMC if you wish.
  7. Maybe I am just old school, but I have been using vRoute Premium for years. I use it along with topcat. One thing I really like about vRoute is that it keeps up to date charts for US and EU airports. It has cycle updates for free. It also gives a nice flight plan sheet that you can print out. Let me see if I can get some screenies. EDIT: I forgot to add that it can automatically book vatsim blocks for you and shows you currently online pilots and controllers, as well as foretasted based on historical data.
  8. NM: Of course i found it right after posting. BlueSkyScenery Their ChiliView stuff is great, the other stuff is lower res and not really my thing. Apparently they are having download problems with certain tiles do to some sharing site being down. anywho.....sorry for worthless thread. :Whistle: Beat me to it...thanks.
  9. Do any of you remember the name of this website? It was like a map of the US and you could click to zoom into different regions and then download individual tiles or tiles in a package. I have the scenery around KDEN right now and love it, however I also have the scenery for around KSFO which is good, but lower res than the KDEN scenery and bugs be when I land in Flightbeam SFO. I want to find the website so I can find the name of those files to delete out of my directory, and also to check out what new offerings they might have. Anyone remember? Google isn't finding it easily or maybe i'm just blind.
  10. On the way to work this morning I saw something very strange on the highway. It was a UPS delivery van pulling what looked like a special trailer with little wheels; it looked similar in style to most airport vehicles that are designed to be pulled by a tug. On this special little trailer was a UPS aircraft cargo container. Three sides were metal, one side was clear. You could see that it was fully loaded with packages through the clear side. I thought this was very strange for a number of reasons. a. Why on earth is an aircraft container on the highway? These are normally unloaded and sorted at the cargo facility at the airport. a-2. The normal plausible explanation might be that the container was going to be repaired or something. However, this was fully loaded with packages. b. If we can get past question 'a', why was it being pulled by a residential delivery truck instead of a tractor-trailer, lorry, semi, whatever you call it. c. Could a little airport trailer be roadworthy? Its wheels are tiny and it sits so low to the ground. I wish i could have gotten a picture. See my attached pictures for examples of the objects involved. (not exact...approximate)
  11. Well you had the right idea, but your information is a little old. This has since been changed due to the need for a 3-digit ident because of systems upgrades. See FAAO (Federal Aviation Administrative Order): N JO 7110.492, Subj: Aircraft Identity "6. Background.VC-25 flight management system upgrades and subsequent implementation of future air navigation (FANS) procedures has driven the need to reevaluate the Air Force One (A1), Air Force Two (A2), Army One (R1), and Army Two (R2) call signs. Within FANS, the VC-25 now has the capability (operationally approved and certified) to obtain digital oceanic clearances and to use air traffic service data link services to include automatic dependent surveillance waypoint position reporting and controller pilot datalink communications. To use these services, the aircraft must register and file a call sign with at least three digits. This change reflects the current operating procedures for Air Force One/Two and Army One/Two." "1. Purpose of This Notice. This notice incorporates the use of Air Force One (AF1), Air Force Two (AF2), Army One (RR1), and Army Two (RR2) for Presidential and Vice Presidential aircraft identifiers into Federal Aviation Administration Order (FAAO) JO 7110.65, Air Traffic Control, Paragraph 2-3-5, Aircraft Identity."
  12. Yes, look for a school that is FAR Part 141 certified. They have to have a certain curriculum, standards, etc. Also they are frequently "checked on" by the FAA to ensure standards. Many 141 certified schools also have part 61 training as well if you prefer to go that route. And even if you do go 61, you will still have some assurance of quality and standards if they are 141 certified. Also...MOST IMPORTANT THING in my mind: Find out how much it will be including ground school, FAA check-rides, medical certificate, etc and make sure you have the total cost of training saved up BEFORE you start. You wouldn't believe the potential pilots that start and then cant finish training. Then IF they come back after saving more money, they have to relearn what they were already taught. Also if you have enough up front then you can train with a better frequency for retention of what you learned. 2-3 times a week is much better than once a week. My 2C. For more info with 141 and 61, if you're not familiar: This article weighs pros/cons of each. "Part 141 regulations is permitted only by instructors associated with an FAA-approved flight school. In order to become approved, a flight school must meet certain requirements and submit each curriculum it wishes to have approved to the FAA for review. Part 141 approved schools are subject to regular surveillance audits by the FAA and must meet minimum pass rates on the practical exams." http://www.flyingmag...-61-or-part-141 EDIT: This is a local Flight School near where I live. They are an actual school, not just an FBO with a couple of free-lance CFIs. Check out their site for more info and comparison between courses. (They are both 61 and 141 certified.) http://bhmflightcenter.com/ What's more their 141 training is overseen by Accessible Aviation who I believe also has an operation out of Hawthorne Airport just south of VNY.
  13. Very Cool Shot Matthew! I have got quite a lot of friends there in NZ. One of my friends in Dunedin was visiting just a couple months ago and said how once he was on a domestic commercial flight and sat a couple rows behind the Governor General (Like the US President for those of you who don't know). He only had a couple of body guards, and that's it. How different it is between the US and most every where else!
  14. I'm interested to hear as well. Please take care amigo. Best wishes,
  15. ...Yep. Only cost taxpayers 1 billion dollars that time...** **Disclaimer: Total Bull Hockey. I have no idea ho much it cost. Speaking of great cost...before he flew in, three C-17s came with Marine One, the motorcade vehicles, and the support team inside. I have some really bad cell phone pictures of this. I will circle the helicopter so that you can kind of not see it. More Pics Even More Pics Can't add more than one pic per post: The Man Himself:
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