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  1. Hi I own both F1 GTN and RXP GNS. If I run the Management Tool I see the RXP GNS options "not available". No problems for GTN. How do I install the GNS530 in the Lear? Thanks in advance for any help. Ros
  2. I see. But I didn't have the issue with previous Falcon version. I'll revert back to version 1.4.
  3. Installed 1.7B and took a nice flight with no issues at all on FSX-SE. Flashing is gone, keeping speed is smooth as silk, ground handling is perfect. Only hiccup from my individual point of view is that the textures are really heavy on my system (I7@2,9GHz-nVidia 940). When I change view, the sim stops half a second (to wait for texture loading?). It's a really nice improvement and the overall sight is breathtaking, but I still prefer flying instead of staring at the aircraft. It would be nice to have a low-res set of textures for those who can't handle the massive texture load. Anyway, thanks for your great work and great customer care.
  4. Hi Al I have to wait for the vendor to upload the 1.5 version to test. I'm not a programmer, but I guess the flashing, in my personal setup, is due to a heavy graphic strain on my system (I7@2.9GHZ)
  5. I had it initially with the Falcon in a previous FSX-SE install. I reinstalled Steam two days ago and I'm reinstalling all the aircraft now.Yesterday I installed the GTN. Today I took the "other" payware aircraft and had the flashing. I've not reinstalled the Falcon yet.
  6. This is now puzzling me. I've had the same flashing in another payware aircraft, but this is on a fresh FSX-SE install. The Lear and the C441 are installed, the Falcon not yet. The flashing appeared after installing the GTN, but I don't know if it may be the culprit.
  7. Hello Where can I get this update? I purchased from Just Flight, but the installer is still 1.4 Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. I would like to add that, using default FSX ATC, transponder code isn't automatically dialed in and always shows 1200 even after the readback, so you have to manually dial the code. This is not a big problem, of course, but I guess the transponder uses some specific external coding which may not be fully compatible with default ATC (nor with specific products such as RC). Or is it (much probably) user error? Maybe someone may reproduce this behaviour with default ATC? Thanks in advance.
  9. Another vote for Alitalia and LAI Linee Aeree Italiane
  10. I died twice for the same reason! :D
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