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  1. Impressive update and major performance improvement for me. Kudos to the MSFS team.
  2. True, but kind of a moot point if you plan on keeping Game Pass anyway, because of all the other free games appearing every month etc. It's also a great way to test MSFS against your current hardware etc.
  3. I bought XBOX PC Game Pass for a promo price of $1.15 CDN this month and $4.99/month there after......and the base MSFS is included!! Installed and ready to go on the 18th. 🙂
  4. So he was what you call "testing?" Testing in 2020 folks.
  5. I just saw the 2 two videos..... I can't believe that guy got selected as an alpha tester. I don't care what his PC specs were, that wasn't testing. If I was MS/Asabo, I'd be kind of embarrassed.
  6. This is what happens when selection criteria is heavily based by dxdiag.
  7. I signed up for Alpha during the initial period, but didn't get selected. I'm actually thinking I may not even bother downloading the alpha if I'm selected soon. Why even bother when you'll be testing a build that has already been tested and they likely already have bug reports on. Unless I'm selected the latest build, I'm not going to bother. I really enjoyed alpha/beta testing FSX, but to truly test, you need the latest build.
  8. Oh my gawdddddddddd....... I think this takes care of the seasons issue to say the least.
  9. I know from my point of view, I'd rather pay $20-$50 a month for cloud gaming than pay $3000-$5000 on a depreciating asset every 5-7 years. A mid range desktop with fiber could essentially get top notch performance results, without the crazy ever-adaption hardware costs.
  10. Once you go 4K, you'll never go back. I'd rather game 30fps@4K than 120fps@1080.
  11. No offense, but it isn't that confusing.After you navigate to the scenery folder that you're looking to add, click OK, then click the UP ONE LEVEL button up top.
  12. http://forums1.avsim.net/index.php?showtopic=265534
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