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  1. Thanks Bryan, Yes I will use saved situation. No voices but the FO works anyway !
  2. I open the PA panel, then click on the button Welcome and I hear no sound !
  3. the crew acccent is : EU
  4. I tried: I saved with the FS2Crew window closed, and load my scenario, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I can hear the sounds like the ding of the "Fasten belts" button, and a click when I push the arrow but not the captain voice or FO voice. The FO performs the tasks.
  5. No I don't use a headset.
  6. Hi Bryan, Yes ... and no ! Yes Fs2crew works fine but not with a saved scenario : at the cruise altitude. I can't go directly with the arrow to " descent cheklist" : no sound but the FO perform the tasks. I have not this problem with FS2CREW button version for PMDG 737 NGX.
  7. I made the test : with a new situation I can move the arrow to "Before TO Checklist" and I hear the FO.
  8. I bought FS2CREW for Q400 26/12/2018. Yes it works perfectly. And I assigned "Alternate Static Source On/Off" to the "C" key I have not noticed problem with FS2CREW for my PMDG 737 NG. I can load a saved scenerio and use arrows and I have sound of FO. Many thanks for your help. Best regards
  9. Hi Bryan , I have assigned keys for the Main and Secondary button. The problem : when I load a saved scenario, for example : I want to start the "After Start Cheklist", I use the arrow to go at the "after start checklist". And so, I have no sound : I can't hear the FO.
  10. Hello, When I use the arrow for exemple with a saved scenario to go "before start chk" I don't hear any sound from the FO.
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