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  1. My deepest sympathies to Sean and his family.
  2. "play some more of this"... SMH
  3. Great aircraft, congrats to SWS for such an impressive addon!
  4. I bought it day one. Does it have issues? Yes. Is it 100% just like the real-world airplane according to real-world KA pilots? Apparently not but there's more to this airplane to consider. The proline is phenomenal, better than anything out there IMO. The systems are more than enough to manage and have an "advanced" feel to them. Personally, I think the start up sequence is one of the best, if not the best yet out of any GA addon. I did not go into it wishing for it to be a matching virtual counterpart to the RL plane, and for that reason I'm not disappointed. I think with a few patches this could be one of the best GA addons ever made.
  5. A321 released: $59.99 https://www.flightsimlabs.com/index.php/a321-x/
  6. Been following and anticipating this aircraft for years. I'll be a day one purchaser when it comes out for 4.5. Maybe we'll get lucky and get it this year?? 🙂
  7. Quick update: had a CTD while on descent. Here were my conditions: - Active Sky - Rex Skyforce - Rex Environment Force - Vpilot (vatsim) - Chaseplane * CTD occurred while zooming in on a STAR on the EFB *
  8. No stuttering for me. I was getting high 20s to low 30s on the ground, 35+ in the air. The only issue I found so far is a sequencing problem with the FMC. When I input the next desired waypoint, it goes, for some reason, to the point after the one I selected. I think there's a disparity between the legs page and the direct-to functionality. I think I had this issue with the prior version when it was released as well.
  9. There's a discount for those who already own the first version. I installed it an did a short flight this morning, I think they've done a great job with it. I'm usually critical of aerosoft, but I have to hand it to them on this one.
  10. https://www.aerosoft.com/us/flight-simulation/prepar3d-v4/aircraft/2871/crj-professional
  11. Wondering if anyone could assist. I don't have DD NY, but I'm seeing random jetways at KLGA. Any thoughts? https://imgur.com/qUBNkAG
  12. Thank you for the update. Could you tell us what the anticipated 64-bit release window is?
  13. Has anyone purchased it yet? If so, mind sharing screenshots? I'm eagerly awaiting the 64-bit release as my 32-bit version was deleted eons ago. Personally, I've been waiting for this aircraft for years.
  14. I'm curious to know how many are still using the 32-bit version.
  15. Assuming the actual flaw is not part of the simulation, sure, why not? There are fictitious airplanes, why cant there be a 737 max?
  16. How's the immersion? Worth the $$?
  17. Does anyone have this? https://secure.simmarket.com/swiss-military-pilot-1950-1960-de-havilland-vampire-dh-100-mk6.phtml Any thoughts? nisx
  18. 1) They are a new company. 2) They probably have a small staff. 3) They probably have a very tight budget which restricts an abundance of resources in all areas of their business. 4) You can always dispute a transaction if you paid via credit card. 5) Give them more time. Major manufacturing corporations are delayed all the time, it's not unexpected for a small start up to be delayed.
  19. It appears that you have most of the predominate aircraft, especially the higher-fidelity options currently available. I didn't see the PMDG 777 on your list, if you don't have it I would strongly suggest it. If you're looking for old and slow, their DC-6 is amazing. QW recently released their 757 for P3D, it's not PMDG level (in my opinion), but it's not bad. I have both the CS and QW versions, there are things about each that I like and dislike... I can't really think of any other airliner addons that you don't already have.
  20. Burbank (BUR), Camarillo (CMA), Long Beach (LGB, but it might be too close to the areas that start slowing your computer down), Ontario (ONT), even Oxnard (OXR).
  21. +1 -- I hope all is okay, it's truly a wonderful tool.
  22. Agreed. I really like the SSW Fiat G91 so far. It may be old and some of the functionality is not there, but it comes with a (seemingly) full manual (just started reading it).
  23. The new T38 seems close to study-level to some extent.
  24. Making headlines ! https://fselite.net/previews/flysimware-share-new-previews-of-retextured-learjet-35a/
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