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  1. For me it's the software: with ver. 5 the view jumps all over the place. Ver. 4 no problem at all. The hardware is Trackir 5.
  2. FS Commander here. But I never use the auto route function, but manually enter RL routes, and let FSC just do the administration and export to PMDG and P3d.
  3. That's a nasty detour around south of KLAS, and IFR is not necessarily easier. Consider ATC has to separate you and provide a slot for the flight, etc. VFR is much simpler usually, and ATC almost always provides clearing (with hand holding) through their terminal zones. Refer to the KLAS terminal charts, I'm sure there are instructions for VFR transits. Best, Stephan
  4. I don't remember experiencing any stutters caused by TIR4. TIR5 on the other hand, is far too sensitive for me, even after turning down all settings and eliminating background lights.
  5. I never got trackir 5 to run smoothly and therefore still use ti 4, which works perfectly for me. Does your problem go away with ti4?
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