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  1. Well said. I have KSAT- NZQN-KLAX and KDTW...all of which cause stutters or pauses especially when landing. Recent updates have not changed anything performance wise. Would gladly accept a refund if that was possible.
  2. very well said F737MAX, people who r complaining about a product good or bad should let us know their settings, it surely would help us all For Example the bottom of comment r my settings. Appreciate and understand where you are coming from ! Can't speak for others for not stating their setups but in my case the point I was trying to make is that my sim performance was working just fine until the last 2 updates. I have changed nothing since except for now having to downgrade settings in an attempt to reestablish pre update performance. It seems like something changed at Microsoft's end -hence the many documented problems with stutters, etc.... It would be refreshing to obtain a somewhat official explanation as to the possible cause(s) where suddenly a system fully capable of performing satisfactorily pre last 2 updates suddenly degrades to the levels many simmers now experience. Cheers
  3. Same here. Like countless other simmers I was already becoming very frustrated with all the general stutter issues over the past 2 updates but still purchased their KSAT-KLAX and DTW airports in anticipation that Ini will tweak them while still allowing for quality. It seems some effort was made recently but the problems continue. Almost no problems with Fly Tampa and FlightBeam airports even when using FSTL but the stutters are present since the latest Microsoft updates. Over the past few months, the major developers are now finally able to integrate their quality airports and we also have access to a slew of fine new study aircraft. But....have we now reached a point where this beautiful product is only playable unless most settings are reduced to minimums while avoiding high end products?
  4. Despite having read countless posts on the "Stutter" issues (especially near airports) and attempting different (unsuccessful) settings I haven't seen any official word from Asobo. Have they acknowledged and confirmed that a fix is on the way with the next update?
  5. Always the best looking planes and videos! Ed certainly makes it "as real as it gets"!
  6. Go with the BBS model. While still in Prologue stage plane looks great + there is a new update for Prepar D V4 expected by month end.
  7. Just bought this today and have to admit I like the enhancement effect. No issues with Orbx products nor other sceneries with Prepar V4.
  8. I wonder if there would be as much negativity if the developer's name was other than Black Box Simulations.
  9. Couldn't have said it better Greg. Bravo
  10. Hi- I have UT2 and followed Badfinger's instructions (thank you) .Now I see a number of aircraft parked at the gates but all of them are Qatar Airways with the occasional one that is taxing. I would have thought there would be other airlines landing and departing here so my question is did I do something wrong or is this normal? Cheers
  11. Maybe someone has already suggested a workaround but I would be needing instructions for how to add AI with Ultimate Traffic. Thx in advance.
  12. Not sure if I understood your problem but I recall having the "scenery not found in area xxx" problem in the past. It happened after I uninstalled a free scenery from the library. Another poster suggested that the ADDON Scenery file should include a Scenery and Texture folder. I noticed that I was now missing the Scenery folder. After adding the folder and renaming it to "Scenery" the problem disappeared. Hope that helps Cheers
  13. I also did what was suggested as a fix - however that did not work.. While IE may be the problem I stilll find it odd that all of a sudden this happens -not only to me but other posters too. Other sim forums all display as they should . Tom -your response in that last message implies that we should not bother you with this as Avsim cannot be the culprit. . A little strong for simply asking for some help? Cheers
  14. I was one of the luckier one I guess. But time changes things . I recall the early days of CS and the many critical comments posted on most forums yet today many agree they are coming out with top payware quality including the 777 which is still in experiment stage . If BBS come through as advertised people will buy again because if it becomes a good product most will want it in their hangar. Those that have had issues with the old regime also have the right not to buy if they felt they were wronged. I'm all right with that too. BBS -good luck and get us an amazing plane!
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