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  1. Sorry to bump this but any opinions on my conundrum would be greatly appreciated by anyone with knowledge on the subject. Thank you. Spud
  2. Hello everyone, About 4 years ago I built my own system with an i5 2500k processor (overclocked) and GTX 570 video card. I have been happy with my machine and it runs P3d @ 1920x1200 at a consistent 25-35 FPS with the type of flying that I do and settings on the high end. The reports on Avsim and elsewhere for P3d in 4k look impressive. My issue is that since building my own machine I have been out of touch with technology and therefore I am curious if someone with more technical knowledge would be able to answer the following question pertaining to a potential upgrade: Would I simply be able to replace my older GTX 570 with a newer GTX 9xx (or similar) video card in my existing build and be able to run 4k at a reasonable FPS or should I be getting back into the books so to speak and focus on a new build if I want to move to 4k? I think I would be fine with a slight loss in FPS if it saves me the time and money of an all new build. Also, if the advice is to upgrade my current machine, what video card might be recommended with my set-up? I have been planning on a new build in the coming years but would prefer just to upgrade now if possible to have 4k capability. I know it won't be the same as a new build, but can this path still produce good enough results to hold me over for another 18 months or so? Thanks for any and all advice. Spud
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