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  1. What may have happened is when you saw the update, it may have been pointing to your C drive instead of O drive.
  2. No issues to report, works great. There was a single button to remove Aircraft Trail, I miss this. Perhaps it was redundant to the option to reset the flight, with the trail option included. Wish list request, add option to remove some of the columns in the logbook panel, similar to the option for the Flightplan panel.
  3. My guess is, it has to do with the stuck aircraft logic, which starts a timer to remove non-moving (stuck) AI from the sim.
  4. Running a 4090 (or even a 3090) at 1080p is not the best use of this card. At this resolution, and using the same processor as your previous GPU, I wouldn't expect much of a fps boost.
  5. I'm guessing using Dev Mode, and exclusion/polygon won't remove the sign?
  6. To eliminate any peripherals causing the pauses, try disconnecting all your usb devices except mouse and keyboard.
  7. Yes...Radar Contact, it was amazing. "you busted your altitude again..." do it repeatedly and here comes FAA FSDO rep to greet you on the ramp (verbally).
  8. Just plug it in and fly. Obviously force feedback is not supported, but you can install XPForce (payware) which does provide FFB functions to the sim.
  9. It will offer you the STAR to the runway you entered into SB. Then prior to descent, you will get a dialog to either confirm the STAR or change it and/or change runway.
  10. Updated to 2207 via Navigraph, but LNM (2.6.19) is still showing 2203 on the Scenery Library dropdown. The link below is what my LNM database looks like. Any ideas? https://imgur.com/a/tZWfkh9
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