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  1. When LINDA opens go to Setup Joysticks, this opens a list of all your controls each one has a Name Box which you can edit then save. Brian
  2. Sorry your not having any replies, i can't help with Lua , just to say i,m using a rotary encoder with LINDA Rotate left or right 10 deg Push for shift rotate left or right 1 Deg That works for my PMDG 737 Brian
  3. byronp

    monitor field of view

    No replies sorry can.t help either but check out Almost Aviation You Tube channel, Mark has some good tutorials on 3 monitor setups. Good Luck Brian
  4. Ray have a look at Almost Aviation on you tube Brian
  5. byronp

    RTX 2080 - A Performer

    Chelsea supporter ?
  6. PILOT'S new Alicante Airport (LEAL) looks impressive.
  7. byronp

    Train Simming

    Have you looked at Euro Truck Simulator. Brian
  8. Thanks for that info on your 3415, no room for a 3 monitor setup so have been looking at an ultra wide monitor your review has been a good help. No replies to your original question Brian
  9. Sorry can't help with your question about the Samsung setup. But i would like to know what you think of the the Dell U3415 as it is one of the monitors i have been looking at, would it suit my MSI 1080. Going by other post on this forum buying a new monitor, should come with a Goverment Health Warning !! Thanks Brian
  10. byronp

    Programming rotary switches

    Hi Henning. I use LINDA PMDG 737 Module for all my home built panels. Regards Brian
  11. byronp

    Synch Capt and FO Course selector

    I think there is an option to do that via LINDA in the 737 module, bad news is i was unable to make it work. Not a big deal i use the shift on a rotary encoder to Switch from captain to FO.
  12. byronp

    Diy game controller

    Hello Have a look at Almost Aviation on You Tube, they show how to make panels and set them up via Lina and FSUIPC all done with good sense of dry humour.
  13. Hi Ray. General company setup info. Nothing about products that that you probable would,t aleady know. Confirms release date Q1 2018. I have a pair of Saitek quads. and for flying the 737 i keep looking at the FSXtrottle
  14. Ray In the latest edition of PCPilot there's an feature with Honeycombe's CEO.
  15. byronp

    RealAir Duke B60 V2

    Hi Thanks for reply, using version 2.5.7 Have removed the lib-realityxp.lua from duke folder and now just have actions & indent lua's. In linda-cfg\aircraft\realair duke\folder I do have the config-hid.lua no config-mcp.lua are you saying regarding the config-mcp.lua this will only work if I have MCP installed . In the \linda\aircraft\folder I don't have the user.lua but it is in the linda\libs\folder