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  1. Hi I run Remote Flight Cockpit app on my iPad , used it for FSX,P3D & now MSFS. Works great Brian
  2. I ran the installer when it got to the page of what sim to install to all options were greyed out so i clicked on next and was able to install into My P3d V5 folder. did that for Both Duke versions Been flying the Duke all day. Good Luck Brian
  3. Hi Ray I use the keyboard arrow keys to adjust the info in the HDS. I,m also using chaseplane. Brian
  4. Hi Dan Youtube Almost Aviation complete Twin Otter cockpit build. Brian
  5. Have you downloaded the configure program to set encoders up? Look at Almost Aviation on You Tube on the cockpit videos Mark shows how to set them up using Linda. Brian
  6. Stop putting money in the light meter Brian
  7. Hi Christopher, Looking forward to hearing how your new pc works. Regarding installing UK2000 airports i would think you must have most of them, when you go to reinstall one that has maybe 3 upgrades will the latest download include the upgrades or do you have install them again as well. Thanks Brian
  8. When LINDA opens go to Setup Joysticks, this opens a list of all your controls each one has a Name Box which you can edit then save. Brian
  9. Sorry your not having any replies, i can't help with Lua , just to say i,m using a rotary encoder with LINDA Rotate left or right 10 deg Push for shift rotate left or right 1 Deg That works for my PMDG 737 Brian
  10. No replies sorry can.t help either but check out Almost Aviation You Tube channel, Mark has some good tutorials on 3 monitor setups. Good Luck Brian
  11. PILOT'S new Alicante Airport (LEAL) looks impressive.
  12. byronp

    Train Simming

    Have you looked at Euro Truck Simulator. Brian
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