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  1. Have the same phenomenon on 3 voice sets. I don't have the same on Fs2crew for PMDG 777 for example.
  2. As I'm used to great quality products from Fs2crew and love flying with it, so I just bought Fs2crew for PMDG QOTS II. But I was suprised by sound quality! Sounds as if each sound was recorded in a bathroom! Do you have the same surprise?
  3. Wher did you get VAInterface_2.24.0.11633? I can only find VAInterface_2.23.1 here : https://virtualavionics.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007245587-VAInterface-2-23-1-Current-Version-
  4. Final release checklist please : New computer - bought and set up Keyboard batteries - new ones Internet connection - secured Credit card - ready Weekend family party expected? - no alert Fridge - full Cockpit door - closed and locked Girlfriend - muted Purchase clearance - wait.......
  5. Would be really nice!! The 737 is a multi-crew airplane.I always feel a bit lonely in the cockpit... despite I like beeing the Captain on board !!
  6. You can configure two different axis for rudder and nosewheel steering thanks to FSUIPC (perhaps payware version only). I read it from a french "FSUIPC configuration tutorial" which mentions that thanks to "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration" function, you can assign an axis to the "Steering Tiller". You should look for this on Google, I'm pretty sure you will find something. Read also PMDG NGX introduction which recommend not to use FSUIPC to configure controller axis. Personally, I use FSUIPC and I have not noticed any problem...
  7. Nice view of what I pasted from the FCOM !!
  8. PMDG NGX FCOM Vol. 2, page 818 : " HDG/STS –• left window displays present true heading• right window displays any applicable maintenance status codes• during alignment, right window displays minutes remaining until alignment is complete. For alignments greater than 15 minutes, the window displays 15 until the time remaining reaches 14 minutes. The display then counts down in one minute intervals. " So if you move the display selector to "HDG/STS" position during alignment, you should read time remaining before end of alignment.
  9. Despite few bugs, I totally agree with your hotfix/SP policy. Delaying SP1 release is for me a proof of quality, despite we have to wait ! Patience is the price to pay to get a perfect 737 NG for FSX, and I have no problem with that. Isn't it better than a quick release of a bad software and bad support behind ?
  10. No more micro-freezes after FSUIPC autosave deactivation !
  12. My 4 aircraft.cfg files say 1.00.2922 after hotfix 4 install !! What's wrong ?
  13. It's the same for me !!I got several panel or fs freezes, each time while adjusting FMC in descent (STAR, restrictions, ...)I add I was using FMC 2D view if it can help.I've done all tweaks proposed in NGX introduction.I'm using Active Sky Advanced SP3, FSUIPC registered, FSRealTime. Yvan PERO.