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  1. The thing I don't understand is why it can read all the Asobo handcrafted airports but not the others. Not even Microsoft's.
  2. Ohhh, PSXT can't read airport addons bought thru Marketplace...That makes so much sense. Sorry for the necro posting, but I've been pulling my hair like crazy for a good 3 hours until I found this thread. Anyways, carry on...
  3. Oh, ok. It's Godzone NZCH, and it has 51 parking positions. That would explain it. Is there a way to keep the non-live parking options?
  4. Good morning Niko, I don't think there are too many real positions. The xml belongs to Christchurch, and I've gathered around 22 real options thus far. I'm not in a rush at all.
  5. At the risk of beating the dead horse, I will try to clarify the problem. As I don't know this is working as intended. I don't mind PSX erasing options if it is going to replace it with real options. The problem I am seeing is that the xml file is getting its custom parking options erased, without live parking options taking care of it. Here's a screenshot of some random position options not yet replaced by a live option. Pretty normal stuff, I could even put some "PVT" in there, and some other types as well for variety. The random positions are marked with the red arrows. Those positions mark the "airline" section ad the "type" section for that particular position. That is the normal xml out from PPG. Now, this is a screenshot of another airport, where there's a live option recorded (position r63 in this case, and a green arrow). There're also two other parking positions, which were random before starting PSX, but as soon as I run it, their random options disappear. Those are not live options, and there's no option line in there whatsoever, although there used to be one. Those are the maroon arrows. That is the problem I'm having within the xml file, not whether there's a live option taking over my custom option. There's no option at all. I really hope I'm not being dense over this. This is a fantastic piece of software, and I'm very satisfied with it. Only that I sense there's something not going right in this particular case.
  6. Hi Vidar, I know what it does and how it works. Live real positions are not the problem. The problem is that the "false" positions are ERASED, not updated with real positions. By erased, I mean that the (say PVT park pos) in a ramp is either compiled by the PPG from the bgl, or edited by me afterwards, then as soon as I start PSX, ALL positions that have no live options are erased from the random options. And those positions do not have a live option. Just look at the screenshot. That shouldn't be like that for the random edited positions. I know how this works, I have edited way too many airports around the world. But now I'm having this problem where my own edits will be erased. I don't mind the live parking options, as those are intended to be updated automatically. My issue is with the parking positions WITHOUT live options, edited by me. Those are the ones disappearing as soon as I run PSX.
  7. I get that, but the options erased weren't even real live options. If you look at the screenshot of the file, you will see several positions where there are not even live options. The in-built options have been erased, those are some ramp options and no real traffic has parked there. -This is a real live position as per the file: <parkpos id="r7" latitude="-43.491249" longitude="172.540039" heading="130.5" radius="12.0"> <aircraft> <option airlines="NZM" types="AT76" real="true" hours="0,1,2,3,7,8,20,21" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> - This should be a random position when no live option is available: <parkpos id="r96" latitude="-16.880899" longitude="145.747314" heading="158.6" radius="8.0"> <aircraft> <option airlines="PVT" types="C172" real="false" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> -This is what I'm getting on a random position as soon as I run PSX: <parkpos id="r67" latitude="-43.498539" longitude="172.527252" heading="98.9" radius="10.0"> <aircraft /> </parkpos> I have edited those positions to showcase parked airplanes, saved it, and then ran PSX, yet they are erased the same.
  8. Hi Niko, I've seen PSX do this lately. Once I add a new airport through PPG, PSX would start to update live positions as intended. But, the problem comes when as soon as a live position is updated, the remaining custom parking options (either from the bgl or configured by myself), are erased. I've seen this, and tried to edit the file time and time again, but once PSX starts, all my custom options disappear, save for the live parking positions. PPG version is 10.0 PSX version is 15.3 See this screenshot of NZCH on my system:
  9. I'm sold on the cabin windows new size already!
  10. Hi, that profile was done using an early Beta version of the Falcon. You can edit the profile within PFPX to allow for the proper OEW, MZFW, etc.
  11. Correct! I myself calculate descent rate as GS/2, then add a zero. For example, if I'm doing 120kt, then 120/2= 60. Add a zero, 600fpm. For 450kt, then 225, add a zero, 2250fpm.
  12. I wouldn't know about that. Wouldn't be logical for it to be like that, IF the GPS calculations are correct.
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