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  1. Guevorkyan

    Saved cold and dark?

    I would like this as well. Starting the Falcon completely shut down, like if you were to find it in the hangar. With the idle thrust it has, as soon as the escenario is loaded, the airplane starts to wander off forward.
  2. Guevorkyan


    Thanks Mark!
  3. Guevorkyan


    I'm seeing too high fuel consumption at cruise. Around 200/300 lbs/hr per engine more than in the beta version. According to spec sheets, at FL390 M.80, ISA 0 and 34,000 lbs, it should be burning 688 lbs/h per engine. I'm over Greenland right now and is burning around 900. It was the same in the EGSS-BIRK leg. Also, N1 at this altitude/Mach//temp/weight should be in the mid-90s, but I'm using 77% N1 right now. As it was when I did my PIREP during the Beta process. This panel shot was in the EGSS-BIRK leg.
  4. Guevorkyan

    Taxi2Gate VHHH P3D v4

    Performance is great!
  5. Guevorkyan

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    Ok, it's an AFCAD then.
  6. Guevorkyan

    Vertex DA62 and strong winds

    Taildraggers with straight front or tail winds work the other way around though!
  7. Guevorkyan

    Vertex DA62 and strong winds

    You guys should try to taxi a light airplane with heavy winds IRL! 😉 EDIT: In fact, I used to fly a Metroliner. Taxiing with a 30kt tail you had to grab the controls (yoke and pedals) very very hard, or you could severe a limb! Better be the two pilots grabbing the controls at full force.
  8. Guevorkyan

    Updated Parking XMLs

    Guys, I wanted to share what I've got for now, to add to the collection from both Nico and Flo. I will update them periodically. - FS Dreamteam: KLAX (389/133 - 08JAN19) KDFW (164/98 - 29DEC18) - Flightbeam: KPDX (128/64 - 08JAN19) KDEN (111/73 - 06JAN19) KMSP (82/59 - 05JAN19) KSFO (273/84 - 02JAN19) - FlyTampa: KBOS (217/96 - 28DEC18) YSSY (182/90 - 02NOV18) - BDO Aviation: RJBB (134/62 - 03JAN19) - Taxi2Gate: KSEA (93/60 - 03JAN19) - LatinVFR: KMIA (179/128 - 03JAN19) - Drzewiecki Design: KJFK (181/81 - 31DEC18) - ImagineSim WSSS (68/32 - 05NOV18)
  9. Guevorkyan

    Similar types

    Here's an example. It's a long txt sorry! I've highlighted the ones I've encountered so far. These models (Falcons, some Citations, Gulstreams and the Challenger 300) aren't modelled yet for P3D4, so no matching is possible besides the similar types feature. Usually they are matched as A320s, despite what the xml says it should be.
  10. Guevorkyan

    Similar types

    Hi Nico, I'm seeing some weird type matching, that won't follow what the types.xml say. For example, a FA7X is being constantly matched as an A320. I have several models that are covered in the similar types line in the types.xml, that should match the FA7X type, but won't follow through.
  11. Guevorkyan

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    As long as you place the TOSIM entries below the ORBX stuff, you won't have any problems. ORBX Regions bring their own mesh AFAIK. But the LCs don't.
  12. Guevorkyan

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    I have some problems with Dynamic Lighting. Sometimes it's just too bright on a spot but the splash doesn't go very far and the airplanes are seldom illuminated. I know it's still WIP, and a lot is still being worked on.
  13. Guevorkyan

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    Toposim is excellent
  14. I can see some problem with this overtime, regarding GA aviation. I like having GA airplanes in the GA ramps, as every airport has GA movements. As of now, only the ADS-B traffic will get the data to the xml file, given that said traffic has the Mode S turned on at the gate. Most GA airplanes don't have Mode S, thus won't ever be packed at a GA ramp. If we can edit the xml, then no problem.
  15. Well, where I'm from ( a Spanish speaking country ), today 28/12 is what would be your April's Fools.