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    Account Login Problem

    I am having pretty much same problem with some knobs not working, mostly on the 737. Since the store was moved, I changed my password and can now log into the store but they show me with no orders. I have many orders. I have submitted 2 tickets with no response. What can I do ??? Help !!! Alvestus Williams
  2. If you are handy you can purchase from their site the pot replacement kit. Not that hard to replace.
  3. blackkat002

    Version 2.0 released!

    I cannot find ver 2.0 on the Carenado site, downloaded and still getting ver 1.2. Where is it?
  4. blackkat002

    Blank panel with Version 1.8 ?

    Working ok this morning. Can't explain what happened but I'm happy that its working properly.
  5. blackkat002

    Blank panel with Version 1.8 ?

    In P3Dv3 my radios dont have readouts, but the test annunciator works. Anyone else notice this in 1.8 ? Using the GTN aircraft with Main panel and Model.
  6. Have tried several different flightplans and the aircraft always tracks away from the first waypoint. Using P3dv2.5. Anyone know of a fix?
  7. blackkat002

    GTN 750 Intergration in MFD

    Nice job Bert. Try using this and let me know how you like ----gauge04=F1GTN!GTN750VC, 555, 45, 424, 310, UNIT1