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  1. Was the acoustic that bad there? I can barely follow anything that was said on both posted twitch videos. I mean, thank you for the effort streaming it, but I cannot get much enjoyment out of it as I can barely hear RSR in there 😢
  2. Wow - this looks and sounds amazing - can't even think about what other major project you are doing. I love the Rainmaker the most :-)
  3. I hoped to see something about the J41 - but meh - ate least I know its in Beta and coming at some point for p3dv4 :-) Nevertheless, looking forward to see the 747-8 Thank you
  4. P3d V4.1 comes out, not necessary a PMDG Plane - in fact, I would expect PMDG to wait for 4.1 to be released first
  5. Instant Buy for me as soon as I have my Thrustmaster 160000m HOTAS bought - Love it that his little beauty has made the conversion list - I feared it wouldn't get past the evaluation phase
  6. I have only this left https://www.dropbox.com/s/ofytdgpufnwfgam/20170909_102457.jpg?dl=0 If you're interessted, drop me a PM with what you're willing to pay for and your Area so we can calculate Shipping
  7. Then you will need the NGX for P3D to get to fly to Innsbruck in bad weather conditon ;)
  8. @Der Fuchs @molleh Its in this condition - I bought it from PMDG in October 2009 for 170US $ not including shipping - which was 50USD at the time. If you're interessted, write me a PM with an offer. I live near Vienna (Austria), so please include your City so we can calculate shipping. br Alex EDIT: sry try these Links https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdpqwvem5e5qn4z/20170909_102452.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/ofytdgpufnwfgam/20170909_102457.jpg
  9. Hi Fabian, I think I have them in good condition at home and don't need them anymore. I will check the condition, and if it is good, I will come back at you later this weekend. br Alex
  10. looking forward to fly my alltime favorite route LOWW-LOWI-LOWS-LOWW in P3dv4 with the J41 again :-)
  11. This is my expactation, that the j41 for p3d will cost again for a new licence - but that is fine, at least that way we would get this plane in the sim in the first place
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