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  1. I had a similar issue. I fixed it by deleting the ShadersHLSL folder in the P3D main directory (backup first, just in case), deleting the Shaders folder (as above) and then I reinstalled the P3D 3.35 Content and Client installers. Hope this helps...
  2. alepro

    FlightBeam 30% off

    I paid ~$86 which is a steal in my mind. Just visited KSFO and KPHX and it's amazingly well done.
  3. alepro

    FlightBeam 30% off

    Thanks a lot - that did the trick. Greedy me added all airports to the cart at once
  4. alepro

    FlightBeam 30% off

    Just wanted to pounce on this deal but I don't get the bundle savings: Copy & pasted from my sopping cart: Flightbeam KDEN $23.80, Flightbeam KIAD $23.80, Flightbeam KPHX $23.80, Flightbeam KSFOHD $26.99 Sub Total $98.39 Anybody know what I am doing wrong?
  5. alepro

    Regretful purchases for FSX

    I recently purchased the Qualitywings 757 to replace my CaptainSim 757, and unfortunately I have to say that I regret both purchases. The QW is just too dumbed-down to be enjoyable (to me at least, I know others like it), and the CS757 isn't a whole lot better, and still somewhat buggy for me. Should have stuck with the LevelD 767 and saved my money...
  6. alepro

    Aerosoft A318 A319 A330

    I'm so glad they saw the light on this one. It seemed to make no business sense at all to not make the A318/9/330. And if they get it right they'll have an instant best seller on their hand. Let's face it, we are getting rather desperate for a contemporary Airbus product.
  7. alepro

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    Thanks Paul! Good to have those files around for sure.
  8. alepro

    Aerosoft AES VS FSDreamTeam GSX

    Agreed. That's why I ended up buying GSX. It's nice to heave in ORBX-land since the ORBX developers didn't let Oliver do his AES magic.
  9. alepro

    Aerosoft AES VS FSDreamTeam GSX

    I don't think AES is a dying product. It just got an update a few days ago, and I for one am happy to buy credits next time I run out even though I own GSX. Fact is that AES is a custom tailored approach whereas GSX is automated. My main beef with GSX is that the automation isn't very good at times (pretty much every time I use it I have vehicles driving through buildings/planes/each other), and you are stuck with FSX's flawed jetway system. I own every FSDT airport and even there I get some pretty messed up docking unless I leave it to AES. For airports that I use a lot I prefer AES, and I think there are a fair few who do too. Just my 2c.
  10. I bought a copy of FSUIPC (due to the recommendation in this thread) and it in combination with running windowed mode only has cured about 90% of my FSX crashes. Thanks Word Not Allowed for pointing me in the right direction and thanks heaps to Peter Dowson for offering us a way out of g3d.dll hell!
  11. alepro

    Now THIS is night lighting...

    The X-Plane night lighting looks pretty good indeed. Thanks for posting that video. X-Plane is becoming more and more interesting.
  12. alepro

    Level-D 757

    Very optimistic. On every level ;-)
  13. alepro

    Aerosoft AES VS FSDreamTeam GSX

    Hi Umberto,I feel quite bad - you are of course correct. I have just checked out Geneva and sure enough - The APIS system is installed on a number of gates. I'd even go as far as saying that it works better then the AES counterpart. In my previous tests I didn't encounter any variation in system, but clearly I was wrong. I will amend my original post now.Edit: Blast - the forum won't let me edit this post any more. I agree wholeheartedly. Just in case this didn't transpire in my original posting: I'm hugely impressed with GSX. I'm looking forward to see how it will develop over time and I have a sneaking suspicion that come my next round of down under flying, I will make yet another transaction to the FSDT team. I was just trying to share my views on the AES vs. GSX question this thread is trying to answer.Cheers,Alex
  14. alepro

    Aerosoft AES VS FSDreamTeam GSX

    You would only instruct one product to commence push back, so you will only get one instance of each.
  15. alepro

    Aerosoft AES VS FSDreamTeam GSX

    You'll get a marshaller walking out with the push back truck in both products.