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  1. I had a similar issue. I fixed it by deleting the ShadersHLSL folder in the P3D main directory (backup first, just in case), deleting the Shaders folder (as above) and then I reinstalled the P3D 3.35 Content and Client installers. Hope this helps...
  2. I paid ~$86 which is a steal in my mind. Just visited KSFO and KPHX and it's amazingly well done.
  3. Thanks a lot - that did the trick. Greedy me added all airports to the cart at once
  4. Just wanted to pounce on this deal but I don't get the bundle savings: Copy & pasted from my sopping cart: Flightbeam KDEN $23.80, Flightbeam KIAD $23.80, Flightbeam KPHX $23.80, Flightbeam KSFOHD $26.99 Sub Total $98.39 Anybody know what I am doing wrong?
  5. I recently purchased the Qualitywings 757 to replace my CaptainSim 757, and unfortunately I have to say that I regret both purchases. The QW is just too dumbed-down to be enjoyable (to me at least, I know others like it), and the CS757 isn't a whole lot better, and still somewhat buggy for me. Should have stuck with the LevelD 767 and saved my money...
  6. I bought a copy of FSUIPC (due to the recommendation in this thread) and it in combination with running windowed mode only has cured about 90% of my FSX crashes. Thanks Word Not Allowed for pointing me in the right direction and thanks heaps to Peter Dowson for offering us a way out of g3d.dll hell!
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