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  1. Hi Jim,Thanks for that speedy delay in your response..lol The paint is beautiful and pretty close to to the one in the picture. There's a few color changes that will make it even closer, Toward the tail section on the MD11 paint I noticed you shaded that section slightly bluer shade than the fuselage - is it possible to make it a darker shade of blue as in the attached picture? Also the engine textures seem to have a slightly darker shade of blue as well. Lastly, do you think you can extend the White part that curves into the tail a little further aft as in the picture?Gideon Belle
  2. Hello Mr HodkinsonI think you deserve a parade and 2 rounds of applause for your awesome paints, its really adding a new dimension of realism to the sim and the MD11. I literally didnt know which one to download first!I would really love the MD11 in Air Caraibes colors. Any chance you can put the colors together for this awesome bird?Thanks again!Gideon Belle
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