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  1. Got ahold of Dean, who straightened things out so downloads are working again.
  2. Has anyone been able to download existing scenery (Arizona, Colorado, etc.)? I find that the links for downloading my purchases through sendowl no longer work... :(
  3. Yeah, I'm getting the pre-recorded chatter now - not sure why not before, maybe it had something to do with my location. I sort of expected the AI chatter wasn't going to work, but at least it's not so quiet now.
  4. Just bought, installed and tested RC4TOXPLANE and so far it seems to work well. One thing I noticed is that I'm hearing neither the AI chatter nor the Pre-Recorded Chatter even though I have those options checked in RC4. Is that normal (i.e. chatter not supported) or do I have to do some tweaking to make it work in X-Plane?
  5. I followed this procedure as described (although I have the Steam folder located on a separate partition). I noticed my scenery.cfg file wasn't updated, possibly because of this. Does anyone have a sample of the code that TileProxy should have been inserted into the scenery.cfg file?
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