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  1. Pilot version, the base model...that's all you really need unless you're into 2D panels and circuit breakers.
  2. Yea, it was patched for FSX:SE in early January with 1.012 (Pilot Edition). I've had no issues with it. For awhile, I was blaming it for some BSODs I was getting, but those turned out to be related to my system's overclock settings and were rectified.
  3. Yep. It's working great and doing all my regional stuff...along with a QW RJ85. BTW, the Q400 is running with the 1.013 patch.
  4. Not to veer too far off topic, but FSX:SE is no different than boxed...except for the updates that DTG has made to it within the limits of their contract. Far from being "crappy", I find it performs better than boxed FOR ME, not too mention it makes re-installations childs play. The PMDG 777, A2A aircraft, QW's Avros, and the Q400 work marvelously in it, along with a slew of "advanced" addons. FSX:SE does not equal "dumbing down" things...it is a new avenue, a new lease on life for the "entertainment" version of FSX and will certainly introduce more folks to flight simming. That's a good thing for PMDG and all the other developers; P3D simply isn't the best option for everyone. I'm looking forward to getting the NGX back into my virtual fleet...it's been in the FSX:SE hangar far too long. The Q400's been getting a workout in the meantime....
  5. Burnspot

    FSX Steam — What Is It?

    If I had to guess based on the "time off" you talk about, I bet it was just downloading an update. To reduce the PITA factor for me, I uninstalled the "legacy" FSX entirely and went FSX:SE all the way. All of my installed A2A planes work fine (Piper, Mustang, Cub, and 172), as does my Orbx scenery (since they've patched the libraries), QW's 146 package, Q400, Ideal Flight 10, FSCaptain, Air Hauler, ASN, Aivlasoft EFB, FSBuild, PMDG 777 (and 737 shortly), Milviz 737, GEX, FSGlobal, and Aerosoft's Twotter all work fine for me. Don't care about the politics of Steam; been a member for 10 years and have a ton of games in my library...I've never had any problems with the service...at all. The overlay is pretty handy on long cross country flights...
  6. I moved my FSX platform over to FSX:SE this past weekend and uninstalled my original FSX. The MOST important aspect of FSX:SE to me is that it's now getting updates...something it obviously hasn't had for years (not sure how much they can play with, but it's good nonetheless). Anyway, I'm still moving stuff over, but so far, in FSX:SE I've installed FSCaptain, FSUIPC/WideFS, AS2012 (pending ASN's update), GEX NA & Australia, Aivlasoft's EFB, all of PMDG's 777 stuff, A2A's C172 & C182, Air Hauler, and some Scenery Tech stuff. I've done two 773 flights via FSCaptain, each over 2k miles and used 8x auto cruise here and there - zero problems. I've also done probably 6 100 mile flights with the A2A Cessna's with no problems. Things seem more fluid (i.e. smooth) in FSX:SE and seemingly less problematic (I don't FPS track). I'm use Win 8.1. While I'm sure I'll have a lockup/crash at some point, it seems pretty nice right now.
  7. Whatever the case and regardless of what PMDG does, ASN certainly sounds enchanting... (reading Damian's full post).
  8. It's looking like a mis-configured SimConnect was at the root of my freeze (but no crash) problem. My FSX rig is new (received same day as 777 came out) and in the crush of everything FSX-related that I needed to re-install, it looks like I overlooked my SimConnect config. I had the SDK and SP1A installed, but apparently never went back and set it up. After posting here, I cracked open the SimConnect setup bible (aka HiFi's AS2012's instructions) and got everything squared away on my FSX rig and laptop. No issues with my existing EXE or DLL XML files in FSX....pretty clean actually. Since then, the T7's been running smoothly, with all my ancillary stuff operating, without so much as a micro stutter. So I'd say SimConnect could be a freeze culprit worth looking into if you operate external stuff (EFB, Air Hauler, etc.) and get the freeze.
  9. Experienced a series of very long freezes on a flight out of Austin last night. Tried the same flight this morning, zero freezes. The main difference is that I didn't bother using my second PC which runs my EFB (Aivlasoft one) display (SimConnect link) and Air Hauler installation (WideFS). Could a poorly configured client PC (as far as SimConnect/WideFS are concerned) create an issue that freezes FSX? Just taking a wild guess. Going to test the theory some more this afternoon. Edit: I should point out that FSX did NOT crash or OOM, just freeze for awhile then carry on.
  10. Burnspot

    PMDG 777 windows 8 x 64

    I've made half a dozen Air Hauler runs in the 777 on WIndows 8 without issue...zero system/FSX problems. I have liveries installed and have used a few different ones so far. The only issues I've ever seen with FSX-related stuff and Windows 8 is Coolsky's MD-80's (can be fixed) and occasional issues with EZDok (which I dumped for OpusFSX anyway). PMDG stated that they'll re-evaluate the situation when 8.1 comes out, but I figure it'll be a non-issue given how well it works now. All of this stuff is so "how you have your rig setup-specific" in many cases.
  11. Burnspot

    If your TCAS stops Working

    Good tip! TCAS in the NGX seems to dump out quite regularly.
  12. Burnspot


    None that I've noticed except perhaps a slight stutter as the FCOM window opens, but it doesn't impact the flight. That's probably more as a result of my lowly system than anything else though. ;)
  13. Burnspot


    I've been using FSCaptain with the NGX for quite awhile now and have had no problems. I don't let it do the loading, but rather "simulate" the loading while I manually set the fuel and payload to the specified amounts in the NGX CDU (these are options in FSCaptain to configure). Seems to work fine doing it's own loading also, but I prefer to manually do it. The passenger counts between the NGX's CDU and FSCaptain won't equal out though...manually loaded or otherwise (as long as the weights are good). I could have something misconfigured in the weight stuff as I'm still a relatively new FSCaptain user, but it hasn't affected anything at all...so long as I have 3 green "ready" signals in FSCaptain when I commit, it's all good. Some minor oddities I've noticed, perhaps due to possible misconfiguration on my part, is that I'll get "busted" on airspeed under 10k when it's around 251kts, plus transition altitude callouts in FSCaptain aren't matching up with what's going on in the NGX...the FO's usually very late on the call....long after I've gone to STD per the NGX's indicated altitude. Those are minor quibbles though; it's been going great otherwise.
  14. Burnspot

    FMC: No descent path after ....

    Not a pilot, so I'm probably talking out of my a$$ (by not looking it up), but I ran into this yesterday. The descent looked reasonable to me; however, the "No Descent Path..." message appeared while the route itself was not broken. IMHO, I think it comes from a couple of waypoints not having adequate spacing between them for a reasonable descent rate . I got the message after adjusting my route to fit the approach into KRDU for 23L, SBV.FRAZI. I fixed it by looking up the approach in EFB and seeing what waypoint I had deleted. Turns out I had inadvertently deleted a waypoint after the point mentioned in the FMC descent error message. Once I reinserted the waypoint, all returned to normal.
  15. Burnspot

    PMDG and FSPS don't get along.

    If you're looking for something to add a touch of purpose to your FSX session, take a look at Air Hauler (http://www.airhauler.net/). It's backed with active support and it DOES work with the NGX (you can set it so you have to manually load/fuel the aircraft). I've eyeballed FSPassenger for a long time, but without active support, it's basically useless. It sounds like you might be yelling into the wind with FSPassenger...