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  1. How did you fix it? I can't connect to Vpilot audio with mine, whether tuning it on the radio console or directly as a vpilot command: .com1... I have FSX SE
  2. Hi, Ive been reading through this thread for some time, and its been quite helpful in getting my merge up and running. The plane flies beautifully and works as it should from the 2D panel, but flying it in the VC is a little challenging, because all of the interaction with the auto flight has to be done through the 2D panel. For example, flicking the FD switches and the the AP switches has no effect whatsoever in the VC, it all has to be done from the 2D panel. also, changing the heading value on the FCU produces no visible change on the NAV rose display. (the dashed magenta line does not move). Is this an inherent compromise of flying this merge or am I doing something wrong?Kind Regards, Richard Shaw
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