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  1. Hello Shane: The Seaborne livery is in the works right now.
  2. Hello Fabio: No problem buddy. Thanks for trying, I appreciate your effort. Still hope someone could do this. Thanks Raul
  3. Hello Fabio: I took plenty of pictures of the aircraft today, below is one of them. If you want, PM me your e-mail and I'll send you the rest. I took pictures from all around the aircraft and different angles of the tail from both sides. Thanks in advance.
  4. I work everyday on those plane I get you a couple of good ones this week. Thanks
  5. I work for Seaborne like I said in my post and I would even pay to have that done. I wish I had the talent to do repaints, been waiting for this plane for a while just to have my airline represented in my simulator.
  6. Hello: Please show some love to Puerto Rico. I work for Seaborne and would love to have this repaint if someone would be kind enough. Thanks
  7. Good fixes, but they left the alt. amp meter broken. I submitted a ticket two days ago and haven't heard anything from them. Hope they released a patch or a new version. I love the plane but hate to pay for a broken software.
  8. Yeah, I would love to see that too. It is the only thing preventing me from buying it. Its a beautiful aircraft but I hate the default GPS, to have an aircraft with the default GPS I use the default aircrafts.
  9. Thanks for the Aegean Steve, it looks beautiful. Gorgeous livery.
  10. Thanks so much for taking time to do my request. I know you probably have been bombarded during the last few months with request plus I know you also have a personal life to attend to. I appreciate your effort and once again thanks so much for taking my request.
  11. That has always been my favorite repaint since Hong Kong is a very special place to me. If you could do that to the NGX, you'll be my hero!!!!
  12. Could someone do an Aegean airlines preferably in a 700 Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hey Guys: Is my first time requesting a repaint, don't know if I have to address it to someone in particular, but I would like the Aegean Airlines repaint for the 700 please, it doesn't matter if it is winglet or without. I found one on Avsim but is the Santa claus version. I would love to have just the standard livery. Thanks in advance.
  14. DAMN thats a beautiful repaint!!!!. Thanks, don't slow down on the roll you are.
  15. Unfortunately I was informed this repaint can't be done because the picture that its out there of Bar Rafaeli is not good enough to do the repaint. A shame since its one of the repaint I wanted the most for a few years already. I couldn't wait for PMDG to release the NGX to have someone do this repaint.
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