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  1. You're probably using FSINN's weather
  2. Purchased it a few weeks ago, but i've been spending the time to learn the manuals and to play around with the systems on the ground. PMDG has made an AMAZINGLY breathtaking product! Well worth my money, i don't regret the investment at all I was so blown away that i'm getting my computer upgraded! Hopefully i'll get it back tomorrow so that I can do my first flight (KTBO - KORL) w/ the 737-800SFP Needless to say, the anxiety is killing me
  3. That only says FS2004 though :(Are you sure that it will work with X? Thank you!!!
  4. Hello everyone! Been trying to figure out how to make the default 172 perform a little better for the fun of it.I've tried editing max_rated_hp, but i didn't see much difference! Thought that this was the best place to come to get some advice. Thank you in advance.
  5. Is your refresh rate the same for the HGS and the ND?
  6. I think i'm going to take a chance and just buy it tomorrow. I'll never know what i'm going to get until i see it for myself. Hoping for the best, who knows it may work out great :) I run the -400X perfectly with no problems so i'm hoping for the same with the NGX. A little nervous though, but excited none-the-less! Had my first few flights planned out months agoThanks for the help everyone, i'll let you guys know how it works out.
  7. VNAV will not descend below the altitude in the MCP window. In your case it is 4,500, once it gets to that altitude it will level off. If you had 6,000 it would level off there. Set your MCP to the field elevation and then it will descend passed 4,500 feet. hope i was able to help.
  8. Those aren't that common though. At least not in a modern jet with a FADEC.
  9. I'm really worried now about whether or not my computer can handle the NGX smoothlyIt handles the -400X extremely smoothly, but I am concerned none the less.
  10. Thanks! On the ground with medium traffic and in the VC with the HUGS down would be good. Hoping for positive results!
  11. So it's kind of dependent on individual cases? Some people reporting more, some reporting less.I hope that I can report getting more when i load up the NGX! haha.
  12. Thank you guys, I appreciate it! Anyone else willing to report their results? :)
  13. I m going to purchase the NGX this weekend, and I was just wondering if someone that also owns the 747-400X could comment on how the frame rates compare between the two products? Just trying o figure out what to expect. With the -400X I get about 25-60 frames per second depending on the airport, and 10 frames at worst, so I would be delighted if the 737NGX performed even better!
  14. "Mach tuck is an aerodynamic effect, whereby the nose of an aircraft tends to pitch downwards as the airflow around the wing reaches supersonic speeds." —Wikipedia But the actual work 'tuck' means, push, fold, or turn
  15. Yeah, i know that sound is the trim :) Thank you so much guys, i understand this now. Anticipating the NGX so much right now. Trying to learn as much as i can so that once i have it I can fly it (of course i'll read the manuals though) So it is similar to autotrim in that it works with speed rather than pitch (and only under certain conditions rather than all the time)?
  16. Thank you for your help!! looking it up now
  17. I've been reading about it, but i still can't quite understand it :( At first i thought that it was similar to the Airbus auto-trim, but that can't be right because you have to trim the 737 manually, so how do it work? Does it only work with the autopilot engaged, or also when hand flying?
  18. Teterboro - Orlando Exec. with the -900WL
  19. http://www.demerarawaves.com/index.php/Latest/2011/07/30/breaking-news-caribbean-airlines-crash-lands-at-guyanas-airport.html
  20. Thank you for your response :) I am so excited that i cannot even fathom it right now. I will definitely miss the upper EICAS annunciations for warnings, failures, seatbelts, parking brake, etc. But i'm sure the NG's six pack is a pleasure to use. (and looking on the overhead for readings for various systems rather than the lower EICAS synoptics). I think that might also be a little challenge. Well, i'm always excited to learn and do new things.
  21. How hard do you guys think that it's going to be for me to transition to the NGX? I mean obviously i'm going to read the manuals, but i wanna fly this thing ASAP after I get it. I am aware of the difference in size, and that the NGX has more features and simulated systems, but how hard to you guys think this is going to be overall?It would interesting to hear what Beta testers that once flew the -400 would think of this :)
  22. How does this relate to this thread again.................................?
  23. Looks like i'll have to do with with either the -800WL or the -900WL. This challenge just got a whole lot better :( :(
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