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  1. thanks Rob, I was running my ASUS 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz, but after watching your 2nd video, I tried 30Hz which on my settings (Unlimited, vsync, triple buffering) suddenly made the sim a lot smoother. Do you recommend altering the monitor to 30Hz for simming or does it just come down to personal preference? Cheers Dave
  2. Using a programme like FS2Crew can really lower the learning curve, particularly 'button control' so don't discount a PMDG or Aerosoft Airbus add on. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi Rob, Only have FTXG and ASN installed, the rest is default Used your settings, ironically have been doing all my own testing at EGLL. Turned HT off and set my 4K monitor refresh to 30htz ? ....... assume that's what you meant? I was clocking in at 2500 VAS before, using your test it dropped to between 2200 & 2250 VAS (used cloudy settings to test) cheers Dave ps frame rates were around 30fps using unlimited, the odd drop to 27fps
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