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  1. thanks Rob, I was running my ASUS 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz, but after watching your 2nd video, I tried 30Hz which on my settings (Unlimited, vsync, triple buffering) suddenly made the sim a lot smoother. Do you recommend altering the monitor to 30Hz for simming or does it just come down to personal preference? Cheers Dave
  2. Using a programme like FS2Crew can really lower the learning curve, particularly 'button control' so don't discount a PMDG or Aerosoft Airbus add on. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi Rob, Only have FTXG and ASN installed, the rest is default Used your settings, ironically have been doing all my own testing at EGLL. Turned HT off and set my 4K monitor refresh to 30htz ? ....... assume that's what you meant? I was clocking in at 2500 VAS before, using your test it dropped to between 2200 & 2250 VAS (used cloudy settings to test) cheers Dave ps frame rates were around 30fps using unlimited, the odd drop to 27fps
  4. Hey Kevin, Check my own thread I started 'New to P3D - NVI' (sorry, cant seem to 'copy' the link) and look on page 2 Cheers Dave
  5. Elaine, Thank you so much for taking the time to post your configuration and settings. Honestly, they are the best 'squiggly' lines I have witnessed on this thread ;-) Thanks again Dave
  6. I really appreciate the input from everyone on this thread. I know the answer to this question will be 'YMMV' but in regards to basic settings what do people recommend please? ie FXAA 'off or on' ...... 2, 4 or 8 x MSAA? locked at 30fps or unlimited? HDR 'checked' or 'unchecked'? Triple Buffering 'checked' or 'unchecked'? (just a reminder I have an i7-4790K/GTX980ti/SSD's) thanks in advance Dave
  7. Good tip .... could you tell me how you do that please? thanks Dave
  8. Hi Chas, Having just entered the P3D world, I am absolutely no value to you what so ever, however I do want to thank you for the most fantastic read I can ever remember on here and hope you do stick with it a bit longer so I can read some more! Cheers Dave
  9. Many thanks for your replies chaps. So in NVI control panel would I just match the anti-aliasing setting I have in the P3D control panel and set the frame rate limiter to 30 in NVI as well? The rest stays vanilla? Thanks & Regards Dave
  10. Cheers mate, appreciate your input. Just a question is there already a profile for P3D v 3 in NVI? Initial impressions are good bye FSX :-)
  11. Hey Folks, Just trying out P3D for the first time . Apologies if this has been answered in a previous thread but I couldn't see it. Does one use Nvidia Inspector for P3D? , and if so could someone be kind enough to post a picture of their settings? I have an i7-4790K and a GTX 980 ti. In the P3D settings I have selected 4 x AA ,16 x Antroscopic , HDR off, vsync on, locked at 30fps, no triple buffering. I do have hyper threading on, should this be off Also am I right in saying that the only .cfg tweak one should use is FFTF=0.1 under [MAIN] Many thanks Dave (and apologies for so many questions)
  12. Yep, new to P3D so just feeling my way a bit Cheers Dave
  13. No I don't Zoran Do you recommend I get another HDD mate? Cheers Dave
  14. Not having made the switch from FSX Dx10 to any version of prepar3d as yet. Do people think that this is a good time to give prepar3d a go, or as my FSX install runs ok, maybe wait for a future version? For what it's worth I have an i7-4790 and a gtx 980 ti video card Thanks & Regards Dave
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