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  1. I find I cannot attach a file here. If I click on 'image' I get a url request I have none I try to close.... it won't go away. It was a screenshot of my attempt in command prompt, the old DOS screen. I get file errors yet I installed as per instructions. I have the Microsoft app in c:\checkfile\fciv.exe I have my zip file in C:\Portland-Hillsboro (KHIO).zip I tried this C:|checkfile\fciv.exe -shal c:\Portland-Hillsboro (KHIO).zip system cannot find the path specified. I typed it exactly. MD5 itself has no way to navigate to my zip file to check it. The link you provided was informative but still did not tell me HOW to use MD5. There was a link to hash tab.... which I get a 404 message.... site not found. so I can't add the hash tag to properties. Is it invalid to have - or spaces or ( ) in the filename of my zip? Maybe that is the problem. Bob
  2. Will check this out and get back to you. Thanx again, Bob
  3. Jim- Thank you for your gracious support and reply. Bob
  4. uploaded my scenery. hasn't showed up for a couple of weeks now. got the e-mail that they received it and all is well. some options posted in this said if there were a problem to download the md5 utility and run it to see if it matches the number in the e-mail. If not, upload the file again. Well!!................... No instructions on how to use MD5. copy to clipboard doesn't work. No way to use md5 to navigate and open a file. Sent 3 e-mails back now..... no answer. (used the e-mail link in the e-mail I got). Would like to know- 1. anything wrong with my file. 2. How to properly (step by step) use md5. Bob (aka Robert Lacy)
  5. I am rather curious. I read these reports as to the poor quality of this work. No one here stated any details. If you say something is bad or good.... back it up with facts and details. I am not at this point on any side, but I think it is not very good manners to say something is bad without saying WHY it is bad. Yo may have good reasons..... Please state those reasons! Bob
  6. do you know how to change the guid in instant scenery library maker? Doing this procedure you can keep the same guid of the old mdl and apply it to the new mdl. If not IS then this post does not apply. When converting fsx back to fs9 objects or models remember that FS9 will not see DXT5's or dds's textures. only dxt1 and 3.
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