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  1. hi, they fixed it! i can finally start to enjoy the 747 :) best regards, Michael
  2. thanks pete for testing! best regards, Michael
  3. Thank you, Walter & Dan. I created a ticket and linked it to this Post. I hope they will fix it now. but to be honest: Kyle is very active on this Forum, i would not understand how he can ignore a Post in which a customer reports a problem with the website, i just dont get it. by the way: even with the new email account the password recovery doesnt work :)
  4. hi dan, i appreciate your help, but to be honest i dont think it’s on my end. I am using an exchange business plan with my own domain and have recently moved all my accounts to my new provider account. I have also changed my pmdg password (but forgot to safe the new password in my safe). I can certainly receive mails from all different providers, but since it is not working with 2 different e-mail providers, I am sure it’s not my fault If they don’t want to address that, I am fine with it. I can still use my 737 / 777. Best regards and thanks again for your help Dan! Michael
  5. Would be great if pmdg just fixes the recovery password feature. i really dont want to create a new account. They are monitoring this forum and i hope they will fix it soon.
  6. Hi, my full name is in my signature so i hope they can just send me an email with a new password. best regards, Michael
  7. Hi folks, i just wanted to buy the new B747 - but - i cant remember my password. unfortunately the Password recovery function doesnt work, either for your shopping page or the support system (two different mail providers, i also checked the spam folder). Could you please fix that asap? Thanks :) Michael
  8. thank you for doing the austrian standard livery!
  9. Since i am an airplane kid and my parents traveld alot in the world i been on many planesATR72Boeing737-200737-300737-400737-500737-700737-800747-200747-400757767-300ER777-200777-300ERDC3DC9MD80MD11 (i was on the Swissair plane which crashed 2weeks before the accident)Fokker70Fokker100BAE146Q400A319A320A321A330A340-300
  10. hello tabs, thank you for your efforts!after some tuning i have now 10fps more.i have a smilar sytem (i7950@4ghz, gtx580, 12gb ddr3). did you enable bufferpools=0 in your cfg file? or do you have any other changes expect for the highmemfix in your fsx.cfg? do you have performance increase with HT off?thank youMichaelKnittl
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