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  1. Wizz84

    Problem with website

    hi, they fixed it! i can finally start to enjoy the 747 :) best regards, Michael
  2. Wizz84

    Problem with website

    thanks pete for testing! best regards, Michael
  3. Wizz84

    Problem with website

    Thank you, Walter & Dan. I created a ticket and linked it to this Post. I hope they will fix it now. but to be honest: Kyle is very active on this Forum, i would not understand how he can ignore a Post in which a customer reports a problem with the website, i just dont get it. by the way: even with the new email account the password recovery doesnt work :)
  4. Wizz84

    Problem with website

    hi dan, i appreciate your help, but to be honest i dont think it’s on my end. I am using an exchange business plan with my own domain and have recently moved all my accounts to my new provider account. I have also changed my pmdg password (but forgot to safe the new password in my safe). I can certainly receive mails from all different providers, but since it is not working with 2 different e-mail providers, I am sure it’s not my fault If they don’t want to address that, I am fine with it. I can still use my 737 / 777. Best regards and thanks again for your help Dan! Michael
  5. Wizz84

    Problem with website

    Would be great if pmdg just fixes the recovery password feature. i really dont want to create a new account. They are monitoring this forum and i hope they will fix it soon.
  6. Wizz84

    Problem with website

    Hi, my full name is in my signature so i hope they can just send me an email with a new password. best regards, Michael
  7. Wizz84

    Problem with website

    Hi folks, i just wanted to buy the new B747 - but - i cant remember my password. unfortunately the Password recovery function doesnt work, either for your shopping page or the support system (two different mail providers, i also checked the spam folder). Could you please fix that asap? Thanks :) Michael
  8. Wizz84

    Fuel disagree / Insufficient fuel

    i do not use ground operations and i have also the same Problem. Its clearly a turn around problem i have now 3 different panel states with this problem.
  9. Wizz84

    Reversers can be operated in flight!

    the same problem is also in the 737, I told pmdg about it but they told me that they can not change it, its part of their design
  10. Wizz84

    Tips for flying in Europe

    www.vatroute.net is a good source for routes across Europe.
  11. Wizz84

    PFPX not exporting .rte files

    you have to execute PFPX with Administrator rights, otherwise you cannot write in a program folder in the future install fsx on C:\FSX
  12. Wizz84

    Is this for FMC nerd? or what?

    yes it is a real feature - just look in the FCOM
  13. Wizz84

    ILS Wrong Freq

    do you have the updated MA FRA Airport? (1.5) the FSX Default EDDF Airport or the old MA FRA Airport Version do have different ILS Freq.
  14. Wizz84

    Anyone break the 777 yet?

    I broke the fmc yesterday (Program Pin error ) but i could not replicate it
  15. Wizz84

    Beta Video

    720p is available now