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  1. Hello I just tested it here by 1.7 it works fine, if I use the right outer button 3 times to the right and hit enter. Thanks diden´t know about that, iritated me a bit as I also like the version with color sometimes.. so thanks, but sorry as it does not help you that it works here.. :blush:
  2. you get it from here as a text dokument tell you to: http://flysimware.com/website/help/CESSNA_441_Manual.zip Best regards Lars N.
  3. could I also get the modification thanks.. And nice to see more options for PFPX to export to..
  4. lol I would say it sounds posible that it perhaps could be DC-6 or something like that as it´s not something from the past, and i think it would be a nice way to enter as we all have to start one place and a plane of the older school might be the easy way. but lets see could be wrong but I guess it would be the way i would go to get a feel of it, but again then there would be a huge jump to NGX or so and I raly hope and know others do as well have a hope for ngx in x-plane it´s my favor but also know a freware version is in progress of the vc for thee model so perhaps that would stand a bit off then.. and pick another one sadly.. but all we can is wait even it´s hard, but when we know the model it´s just gona go crazy again in here Best regards Lars Nielsen
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