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  1. Now you're talking about cost in absolute terms. This was not my point. If you buy a golf club, advertised as a golf club, you would expect to be able to play golf with that golf club. You could let a 3rd party company with specialized tools and skills improve it slightly, but you should still be able to play golf with it from the very beginning. In the flight sim community we have come to accept that if we buy a brand new golf club, we need to pay at least five to ten different 3rd party companies to pimp that golf club before it even looks like a golf club. Each company will charge you almost as much as the cost of the actual golf club. And we all happily accept it and think it's the most awesome thing ever that the golf club almost starts to look like a golf club.
  2. Problem is, you have to spend an additional amount of $$$ to get a descent weather engine, another $$$ to get sky textures, $$$ for autogen buildings, $$$ for ATC, $$$ for... the list keeps growing. Suddenly that's an awful lot of burgers. And that's just to get up to a reasonable level that should already be there from the beginning. Many addons are nothing special, they just fill gaps that shouldn't be there at all. I appreciate that there are people out there who do something about it but my key point is that we shouldn't have to. Sadly his has become normal in the flight sim world. A 3rd party developer can sell you a sky texture that has a slightly different color than the default and it will be advertised as a miracle product that will revolutionize the industry and lighten up a whole new world. People will happily pay for it. Or worse, products that are there only to fix obvious bugs or lack of very basic functionality in the sim product. People pay extra money for that. As long as this is regarded as normal, nobody will put pressure on the developers. We absolutely should expect to have a descent set of ground and sky textures, autogen buildings that aren't taken straight from FS9, trees you can look at without doing a facepalm, working ATC, AI a/c that don't move like toy robots, and even AI lights that aren't out of sync. If every piece of payware addon was on top of that, I would absolutely be happy to spend my money. E.g. a realistic a/c with years of development behind it, absolutely! That's where 3rd party developers really can make a difference because we can't expect the base sim to implement everyone's favorite a/c in a realistic way. The base sim should be a solid foundation. As long as people spend hundreds of dollars for a new set of tree textures or cloud models or to fix bugs, why should the sim developers care? I guess it all comes down to the lack of competition. I'm pretty sure that's going to change soon though, whether you like it or not.
  3. Most people in this thread seems to be emotionally attached to this product because of their personal involvement. I get that and I'm happy that you're so impressed. When you guys talk about it it almost sounds that something truly amazing has happened that will revolutionize the entire industry. Personally I don't really see it. I see few improved lights. They look good, sure. But that's it. Bottom line for me: no way I'm going to pay around €30 for a product like this. I would never spend time sitting in a GUI to try out different lights for different a/c groups. This also means I'm not willing to pay for someone to spend time developing that. I realize that configuring the sim is a hobby by itself for many people. In that case I'm sure they will love this product. I've spent 25 years configuring and tweaking sims and I'm done. For me it's more about the flying. Most people can't have a lot of AI a/c anyway because of the performance issues, or simply don't want to because they look terrible and move and behave in an extremely unrealistic way. I'm not sure if the lights is my top priority as long as we have other fundamental issues that seems to never get fixed. Emotional attachment and personal involvement is always recipe for an interesting discussion regarding the price. Being a developer myself I've found myself in this situation many times. Sorry, but arguments like "he is such a nice guy" and "he worked really hard on it for a very long time" really doesn't mean much to the potential buyer. They look at the results and the price. I don't doubt that the developer is a nice guy and I'm sure he did great things, but for about half of the price of Prepar3d itself - a product involving hundreds of developers and staff for years and years. For me, it's not a reasonable price tag. On a general level it amazes me what kind of addons people are willing to pay for these days. As long as you add "worldwide" to the product name it seems that we are obsessed to reach for our wallets. We are so desperate to improve things that we no longer question anything. Those few who even hint that the price for <insert popular addon> may be a bit too high will not be treated nicely. I think this shows how low our expectations are on the flightsim vendors these days, especially those coming from the MS branch. We simmers have been left in the dark for so long that we think it's actually normal to not get any support, or not be able to get attention to any feature requests from the flightsim vendors. If the default AI lights look bad and are out of sync, we should be able to file a bug report that says "the AI lights look bad and are out of sync, I paid for this software so please fix it". Then it should be fixed in the next release. If the trees/autogen/grass/sun/rain/moon/clouds/whatever look bad, we should not have to pay hundreds of dollars to go from bad looking objects to slightly less bad looking objects. It should be fixed in the core sim product, period. Sorry for being harsh, my frustration is not directed at the AI lights product itself. You have done an excellent job and I wish you the best with this product and I'm sure many people will love the looks and configuration abilities, but I also wished that talented 3rd party developers shouldn't have to waste their time fixing stuff that should not be broken by default. Someone said that the developer is practically an unofficial LM developer like it's a good thing. Personally I think it's sad. He's a talented guy, he and all other 3rd party developers should be able to focus on improving good things to make them even better, not spend time to fix broken fundamental stuff that another paid developer didn't care to fix.
  4. If they can transform 2d images into a 3d world, don't you think they have the know how and computing power to transform a summery scenery into a winter scenery? Or simply use e.g. winter images as data source instead? With access to billions of high resolution satellite images, analyzing and simulating climate conditions doesn't seem like their biggest problem to solve. I've been told that X-plane did it completely wrong from the beginning, making it harder and harder to implement seasons and as far as I know they've pretty much given up on that. Seeing how MSFS is implementing things, it's a totally different story. Implementing seasons for them doesn't seem that hard. It might even make sense to not have it from the beginning as they're likely still learning and optimizing the core engine. Do one thing first and do it really well, then add upon that. I'm not that worried.
  5. tolip2

    P3D Future

    Is your problem that you have too much money in your wallet? If not, I really don't get what you mean. It's pretty clear that: A) Stock MSFS contains lots of stuff that other simulators require 3rd party addons to achieve B) MS states, loud and clear, that they are already working together with 3rd party developers Personally I hope that all these innovations we see here will finally help us to get rid of the overpriced non-finished addons that we've all spent lots of $$$ on. We shouldn't have to do that. 3rd party development is key to success for a simulator but it should be used to create something particularly special, not to compensate for missing basic functionality. I know there are lots of really good 3rd party addons out there. Many are not good at all though, or are extremely overpriced. One simple so call "night lighting" product for p3d costs $250 for the bundle. Seriously? Or what about a super hyped product that seems to do nothing more than maybe, if you look closely, change the roof color of some autogen buildings. 50 euros for basic ATC functionality, $30 for some airport vehicles and silly looking animations. Another $30 just to get the airplane to shake, $50 for some clouds. $40 to get AI aircrafts based on FS9 models with 10 year old liveries. There's even a commercial product to slightly change the looks of trees. Seriously? I think we've all bought so many of these addons that we've come to accept that any simulator simply requires 3rd party addons even be usable. It should not be like that. Also, if your conclusion is that the hype is about "nice looking videos", I think you really, really missed the point. The visuals are getting a lot of attention but there are obviously lots of other really big innovations at work here. They are long, long overdue.
  6. tolip2

    P3D Future

    Did you know that satellites can orbit even during the winter? Tile Proxy for FSX was season aware with satellite scenery even back in like 2008. I fail to see how this would suddenly be impossible 2020. Seeing what MS has managed to do with 2d to 3d transformation by postprocessing the image data, I would not be surprised if the same data could be postprocessed to transform summer scenery into other seasons. Actually, I suspect they might already do something similar already to get the right look for each given time of the day. They hardly use a totally different set of world wide images for each position of the sun, right?
  7. I just wanted to mention that this issue is still present in P3Dv4.4 and REX Wordwide Airports HD. I.e. no matter what runway light texture is selected/installed in Wordwide Airports, that texture only suddenly appears (changes from the default texture) when it's right in front of the a/c. I've not found any setting that fixes this issue, the best thing I can get is to make the issue less obvious by selecting a REX runway light texture that is similar to the default texture, and making the lights smaller using the light scalar settings in prepar3d.cfg. It's still very annoying though and it looks really weird with the runway lights changing right in front of you all the time. Did anyone find a fix yet? I believe that this is because of bugs in p3d itself rather than a bug in REX. I've repported this issue and other runway light popping issues to LM for serveral years now without any kind of response. I really wish that REX could put some preassure on LM to investigate this issue as it directly affects their products.
  8. I've had this exact issue in every single p3d version and every single REX product/version for the last several years. Actually, I think I even had it back in FSX. I (and many others) have reported it numerous times to no avail. The issue is still present after a clean install of p3d v4.3 with only REX worldwide airports HD installed. My "fix" is to restore the original p3d textures and then always make sure to not install the runway lights in REX. The REX runway lights issue where the lights are changing texture right in front of you is, as far as I know, not related to the other extremely annoying runway lights issue where the lights will pop up right in front of you. This bug has also existed since the early FSX days. See example below (not my video). it's not a configuration issue nor a hardware resource issue. It's some kind of insanely low hardoded LOD radius.The issue is pretty much visible in every single fsx and p3d night video ever created. I'm still amazed that these to bugs still havent been fixed or even got much attention.
  9. First you call my posting offensive and degrading, which I definitely don't think it was. Then you "lol" me and tell me I make a fool out of myself with empty statements. That's certainly an interesting way of having a discussion. About the "real prove". I was simply saying that if 30 or so independent AV scanners flag something as malware, it's definitely worth investigating. It does not automatically mean that it's the end of the world, and it does not automatically mean it's a false positive. It means that it's important enough to investigate manually. Yes I'm still frustrated about lazy developers telling us to do bad things. The fact that the community is not seriously questioning this (but rather defending it) is a clear sign that people generally don't understand the impact. I'm not expecting the general flightsimmer to be a computer security expert or malware reverse engineer but it's sad to see that every time someone brings up these things, the response is always e.g. "I've never had a virus" or "I can't possibly get a virus" or "AV sucks, stop bothering us". If you know enough about security, you would be humble enough to never make such a statement. If you do get infected you would likely not even know about it as most malware are virtually undetectable. Even if you do detect it, recovering is seldom as easy as running some cleanup tool. Most people probably think of viruses as ransomware or annoying browser popups with big flashing images on your screen. That's not how it works in most cases. I could go on here but I guess I'm just making an even bigger fool out of myself with these empty statements.
  10. This thread was not whether or not you believe in antivirus in general. They certainly have their issues but this case is about a specific file that has been downloaded and blindly executed by likely thousands of users. In 95% of the cases probably using an administrator account without UAC or AV. Cause that's how we roll in the flight sim industry. If half of the online scanners flagged the file as malware (that would probably be around 30 or so completely different, independent AV products), I think it would be slightly naive to disregard this issue as a false positive or marketing trick just be cause you "don't believe in antivirus". If you don't care that someone else own your computer, all data on it, and potentially all other devices on your local network, then fine. By all means go ahead. If you do care however, I would recommend you do not download that file until the issue has been investigated. You should also not blindly accept when lazy developers tells you to disable vital security functions. Unfortunately the "I will never get a virus" culture is very strong in this community. People seem to think that if you do get infected, your screen will turn upside down and little green aliens will walk around on the screen laughing at you. Then you run some removal tool and your computer is clean again. Things have evolved since the 90's.
  11. The (lack of) reaction is exactly what I imagined. The general flight sim enthusiast probably don't realise what this means. As long as they don't see anything out of the ordinary and the FPS isn't affected, right... Btw, step 1 in pretty much every install document for flight sim addons says "disable your antivirus" and people seem to follow that blindly without realising what it means. If you're a developer and create a product that AV flags as malware or it doesn't work correctly when AV is active, the problem is YOU as the developer and your product is flawed. And oh, same goes with your "must run with admin rights" and "disable UAC" requirements. If you're having trouble with write permission in protected directories, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. (I'm not talking about e.g. excluding texture files from the AV's real time scanning for performance reasons here.) I guess the good old "I've never had any virus so I don't need AV" is still alive.
  12. I've had this issue since the days of FSX and in every version of p3d. I always blamed the addons, tweaks or the hardware. Now I finally had the chance to rebuild everything from scratch. Completely new hardware, clean install of Windows 10, latest drivers and a clean install of p3d v4.1 without addons or tweaks. So I started up a night flight just to realise that the issue is still there :( Basically the runway lights don't appear until they're pretty much right in front of the a/c. It's like the LOD radius for the runway lights is extremely small. On approach just before touchdown you can litteraly see the approach lights and runway lights show up one by one in front of the a/c. Nedless to say this really ruins the immersion. Hardware is i7700k, 32 GB DDR4 @ 3200 MHZ, everything stored on a fast SSD, Graphics card GTX 1070. I can easily get FPS in the hundreds and I've tried every graphics setting you can think of and then some. The issue can be easily reproduced by pausing the sim and just change the zoom level back and forth. Here you can see that about 2/3rd of the runway has correct lights, and around the arrows you can start to see the missing lights. http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GBov While the sim is still paused and pressing "+" to zoom in, pretty much all lights are now showing correctly: http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GB76 If I zoom out again, the runway lights disappear again, more and more for eached decreased zoom level. Any idea what's going on here? I'm not sure I've seen this mentioned before but I find it highly unlikely that I'm the only one experiencing this, as it happens even on a totally clean install.
  13. Hi,

    Back in January, you had post concerning a flashing cursor, and that this could be resolved by making an edit in the panels.cfg file for each aircraft.

    I just started using TH2G with FSX and I have this problem.

    Could you advise as to what, specifically, I should edit and what the edit should state? Thanks very much for this information.


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