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  1. Hi and good evening. Im not sure if I’m having the same issue. On my last two flights I have had my engines shut down and also all my display gauges. The first was using the Bredok3D 737 max, immediately after push back both engines shut down and all displays went blank, the second was using the Virtualcol Beachcraft 99 this time i had been pushed back and had begun my taxi to the assigned runway, this time I noticed all the display gauges went first and then the engines, then just came to a halt leaving me wonder what I had done. I haven’t tried with any stock aircraft, if I get time tonight I will. The only two things that was in common as far as I can tell is that they are both third party aircraft, why that would make a difference I don’t know and also I was using the push back utility plug in. All as far as I can see all are up to date. Don’t know if this helps shine a light on the OP problem, I’m baffled with mine. Thanks.
  2. They all look super. Is that out of the box mesh scenery?.
  3. Hi I had no problem via PayPal, fs9evo@gmail.com was the email I used. . Hope you have success.
  4. Hi After many years of flight simmimg and having most of that time tweakimg i must say, i have finnaly found what i have always been looking for. I went up to FSX and then too P3D with all the latest scenery areas form ORBX but was never satisfied, all though they are superb, maybe because of the limitations of my hardware I never quite reached that goal, but with all the hard work of the authors of Full Environment 9 and FS9 Evo I have gone full circle and back to FS9. these two packages alone are outstanding and I cant praise them enough. all I have done this week end is fly. I do hope others have a look and try because they have transformed my simming world. Thanks Shaun
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    Will be 100 in 48 years and 3 months time. will get my letter from the queen then. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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