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  1. It's the flight control forces I am most interested in. Which is largely controlled by the individual program, or third party software like FsForce2.
  2. Too bad mine doesn't work with Windows 7 Do you have the red triggered version? I hear that helps.Mine locks up FSX and FSforce2 when I try to run either in Windows 7 64
  3. Let me preemptively stop anyone who wants to saunter in here and teach me a thing or two about how overrated FFB is! I love FFB paired with FsForce2 in FSX. I think it feels awesome, and adds a lot of precision and realism to my flying. I would really like to find another FFB option. This is my overrated opinion, so please assist in any way you can.
  4. With two stipulations! NO Logitech G940 (tried 3 of them, hated them)NO MS Sidewinder FFB2 (Windows 7 won't recognize the one I have, I really loved this stick)I'm up for suggestions. Low price, high price, whatever. Anyone have experience with Force Feedback products other than the two above, that they can recommend? Please let me know. I'll be using it with FSX and FsForce2 Registered.Thanks!
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