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  1. Hey Ben. It’s great to hear that you are back and that the airbus is ready to roll. Sounds like you’ve had some adventures. Hopefully 2021 will be a bit quieter for you!
  2. Thanks everyone. It sounds like there is little expected return in flightsim for the extra £250. I don’t use the pc much other than gaming, so saving some cash on the cpu and putting it toward something else sounds like the best plan.
  3. The time has come to retire my 4790k. I have decided to switch to AMD and the Zen 3 looks pretty impressive. In terms of processor work out, MSFS2020 is going to be the big test for my new rig. I know they aren’t out yet so haven’t been tested, but does anyone have any thoughts between a 5950x vs 5900x for msfs20? Based on the 3000 series it looks like the 3950x has lots of cores sat around doing nothing while others are maxed out in msfs20, so the extra £250 or so for a 5950x over a 5900x could be a waste of money for flight simming. I do want to future proof though, so if Asobo are likely to develop the sim to be spread more evenly over cores that may temp me to spend the cash. I’m going to keep my 2070 super, but am planning on an Asus x570-f motherboard with 32gb 3600mhz ram. Any thoughts on CPUs welcome.
  4. The first few days I couldn't get the sim to run well at all and was about to shelve it until there was a performance update or I got a new CPU, but today I messed around and it is working much better. I stopped over clocking my i7-4790k which Lange_666 suggested, whacked hyper threading on and got shot of the in game FPS limiter which I had previously set to 30. Before I was suffering huge stuttering and getting FPS 18 - 20 on low quality away from cities with a 2070 super. Now I am flying on high settings in 4k with a respectably smooth performance and solid 30-40 fps (albeit with clear skies and no traffic). I don't really understand this software or what was upsetting it before. I'm sure I would still see a good improvement with a more modern CPU, but things are looking up.
  5. So i7-4790k, 2070 RTX Super, 16gb ram, SSD and high speed internet connect. It auto detected 'high' settings which I was pleased with. But I have to go very-low graphics and fly away from cities with everything (traffic etc) turned off and aerodynamics set to FSX level, just to get near 20FPS at 1080p. That's still with huge stutters and constant freezing. At those settings, the game looks like FS2004 - the landscape it just some baron coloured shapes, and it performs like I am running it on a spectrum zx from the 1980's. Absolutely appalling performance.
  6. Hey Ben It is great to see you are back. As everyone else has already said the quality of your products is absolutely outstanding. I never knew I had any interest in airport operations until I saw the Airport2Sim trailer, and now I know I need it! GV looks very interesting and I will be keeping an eye out for more news on that. I know it will be done when it’s done and that is absolutely fine, but just so you know I cannot wait for the release of the A320 series! Great to have you back Sir! Rich
  7. Hi Ben I hope all is going well for you. I keep swinging by the forum in the hope of some news on the Airline2Sim roadmap, but things have been looking a bit dormant around here. Just a quick note of whether the Airline2Sim project is still going would be great. Cheers Rich
  8. Hey Ben - Great to see you are back after what has clearly been a pretty miserable experience. Good luck with all of your plans - looking forward to the A320 in particular.
  9. Hi Ben, I know you set out your roadmap a while ago and that the A320 is on the agenda, but I wondered if you are able to give any update on this. Your products give great insight into what happens on the flight deck and I am really looking forward to the A320 series in particular . Thanks Rich
  10. The fog visibility bug where when you pop out of the top layer of fog it suddenly disappears altogether and you can see the ground clearly. When you descend again the fog appears from nowhere and envelopes you.
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