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  1. Hey Ben It is great to see you are back. As everyone else has already said the quality of your products is absolutely outstanding. I never knew I had any interest in airport operations until I saw the Airport2Sim trailer, and now I know I need it! GV looks very interesting and I will be keeping an eye out for more news on that. I know it will be done when it’s done and that is absolutely fine, but just so you know I cannot wait for the release of the A320 series! Great to have you back Sir! Rich
  2. Hi Ben I hope all is going well for you. I keep swinging by the forum in the hope of some news on the Airline2Sim roadmap, but things have been looking a bit dormant around here. Just a quick note of whether the Airline2Sim project is still going would be great. Cheers Rich
  3. Hey Ben - Great to see you are back after what has clearly been a pretty miserable experience. Good luck with all of your plans - looking forward to the A320 in particular.
  4. Hi Ben, I know you set out your roadmap a while ago and that the A320 is on the agenda, but I wondered if you are able to give any update on this. Your products give great insight into what happens on the flight deck and I am really looking forward to the A320 series in particular . Thanks Rich
  5. The fog visibility bug where when you pop out of the top layer of fog it suddenly disappears altogether and you can see the ground clearly. When you descend again the fog appears from nowhere and envelopes you.
  6. Compatibility mode makes no difference (people seem to keep suggesting this but is does not work) and I do not really want to disable UAC (whether that works or not). The point of my post was to report that I have found something different that seems to stop the problem on my machine which I am sharing in case it makes a difference for anyone else.
  7. I have been experiencing two issues with P3d on Win8. Firstly the disappearing flight control issue and secondly 'fatal error' crashes when trying to switch in and out of P3d in full screen mode. I have found that for me, starting P3d in windowed mode (i.e. Maximised=0 within 'Main' in the cfg file) appears (after a week or so flying) to have got rid of both these issues. I have no idea why this would be, but if I load up in full screen I have numerous problems, if I load in windowed mode (and then switch to full screen once the sim has loaded) it seems perfectly happy. Rich
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