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  1. Interesting, I find the turbulence effects drastically overdone. Would be nice if there was a slider to eliminate it or at least customize it. A visibility slider might be nice too.
  2. 1. Is there anyway to eliminate the head momentum effect in the cockpit, tried setting what looked like those settings in the camera selections to 0 but it’s still there. 2. any way to change visibility, can’t see anything in the weather menus thanks
  3. Anyone if it has an auto coordination setting for those without a rudder axis?
  4. 1. EADI Heading scale is incorrect, should remain on horizon line not pitch up and down following airplane symbol. 2. EIS digital fuel display not showing accurate fuel amount loaded 3. Torque too low at sea level with inertial separator open 4. EFIS control panel has limited functionality 5. Autopilot IAS hold does not function properly 6. Excessive pitch down at flaps 30 and 40 7. AOA indicator does not indicate properly
  5. In my opinion if you are wanting to hand fly for IFR practice the Flight1 Pilatus is better using the 2d cockpit. Neither autopilot or flight director works properly in certain modes. The EIS on the Flight1 model is more accurate in terms of digital fuel readout as the carenado version doesnt seem to reflect the fuel load correctly. Carenado did a nice job on the exterior model and cockpit visuals for the most part.
  6. Over 1000 hours in the real airplane, It looks nice but has some flaws. The EADI is not accurate in that the heading tape is not pinned to the airplane symbol as it is in the sim. In real life it remains on the horizon line, the AOA indication in real life is far more dynamic than in the sim although it is nice that the effort was made to include it. When doing a take off with the separator open the torque should be higher than 36.9, closer to a min of 42.1 at sea level, separator closed take off torque is pretty accurate. Most other systems are quite basic, not truly representing the actual functions of the plane (ex: EFIS control panel, composite mode switch, etc.). It is a very nice model though and fun to play around with. Maybe the EADI will be fixed some day. Overall for those wanting an introduction to Pilatus, its a nice product.
  7. Steve, Great Paints. Is a 900 in the delta widget paint scheme coming to match your 6,7, and 8?
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