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  1. Ok I see... This is not really about screenshots but PMDG 777+300ER livery made and shared by a user. Thanks
  2. Hi all I just wanted to share with you the liveries I have painted to celebrate Firefox 10 anniversary. I am flying round the world right now with a few friends who also downloaded the liveries. We have posted a few pictures on Facebook and Twitter. I am not a professional painter but just a passionate open source freak and a FS enthusiast since the early days. SO forgive my amateur naivety and enjoy. Cheers all. Please delete duplicate (Server error)
  3. Thank you, I know that, just a way of talking but can there be precipitation without clouds? I don't think so.
  4. Hi all Can anybody help me figure out why my weather radar does not work with active sky next (trial version)? The funny thing is that I see clouds when Asn IS NOT RUNNING and the clouds on the radar disappear when I run ASN!! What weather setting should we use in FSX built-in weather engine? And where can we generate cloudy and turbulence weather that is importable in ASN?? Cheers all.
  5. Hi all Thanks PMDG for the awesome update as always! I have a few questions: I have the J41 abd deleted liveries from the OC I have personal livery painted by myself for the 777, should I delete it? What is RTM version? Cheers and thanks for helping
  6. Actually, a shortcut is installed in Windows menu (8 for me) for downloading liveries. It does not install on desktop, so not visible right away. But very cool.
  7. My wife has told my doctor I had been saying the word seven 3 times a minute while spleeing. She doen't know anything about Flight simulation. Now my yoke and credit card are itching. I stll have no clue where we are from release date :( August = best time!
  8. Thanks again. I think it's about time I buy a new computer as this one is pathetic (Athlon XP 3200+, 1,5G RAM) altough my AGP graphic card is an Radeon X1600 PRO. I get moderate performance by setting everything to low!I don't think the issue comes from the PMDG J4100 as it worked fine for a few days! I only installed a couple of sceneries which I uninstalled but the problem is still here.I already set the J4100 configuration to low in the configuration manager as I know my computer cannot handle a high setting.Note that the "incident" happens usually when I change views or airports but I often fly perfecly without any proplems.Regards
  9. Thank you vscimone for your reply.Actually, I am running FSX on Windows XP Pro, so I do not have Directx 10 Preview.My FSX installation worked fine for months even with graphics set highI am not sure when this started and i have no idea why.
  10. Hi everybody!I installed and reinstalled everything but cannot get rid of this!!- Aircraft windows corrupt- No wheels- No Props- Trees touch the sky (strange look)Never seen this before!Graphics DRIVER or CARD????Please help needed!Thanks
  11. SOLVED: I uninstalled FSX Service Pack 2 then reinstalled. Engine start is normal and everyting is OK!
  12. Thanks KEV!- Condition levers are in TAXI mode.- But I am not shure I advanced (fully) the condition levers. I rather did it for Power levers.I'll try once more and let you know.Thank you for your help.Ibrahima
  13. Thank you for the checklist. It is simpler to folow after reading the tutorial. But I just don't understand why the engines shut down after start when I turn Standby Fuel Pumps! Its says LO PRESS and engine goes out!I did follow checklists correctly (I think).And why does START MASTER remain on LEFT GROUND after engine is stable? I am lost!
  14. Hum.. weird!Another issue: when I start engines, normally GEN should be set to ON and FUEL PUMP OFF, but when I set PUMPS to OFF, the engine shuts down!! Anybody know why???
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