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  1. any. plan to make chaseplane work with vr headset’ i had to rename my cfg file that chaseplane created, i that if both work together be great
  2. thank you for let us know, take your time o'yes will be anything new we don't see in p3d v3
  3. if you can remember ms flight try the same time, now no more flight. other that will kill fsw is no fsuipc support. pmdg sure not go steam. will be buy pmdg that money go toward new aircraft. we still have p3d and xplane 11 not steam
  4. i just hope it will not take long for pmdg, flight one, ect to have product in fsw
  5. prepar3d acadenic v3.4.18.19475, fsuipc v4.96 and pmdg 737-800 v1.10.6461 the zoom will not work i try to assign to xbox controller, flight controller and try thru the software camera control hervy galloway
  6. still no fix for sli listed
  7. not only that it also have problem with setup sli
  8. it a video on youtub about this error meage but the flight1 register fix did not work but the oother did it work for me
  9. look in fmc aircraft option
  10. can you like ezca asign camra position to your joystick
  11. i think it maybe your usb 3.0 using 2.0 device. i had the same but i plug in my usb 2.0 hub to the usb and any device that work into 3.0 i have not had this message
  12. fsx-ms

    Check out the video qwing from flightsimcon 2016 on YouTube about 787