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  1. You should disable another one manually. You can use add on linker to find duplicate airports and then disable them at msfs contents menu or directly delete them at add on linker depends on scenery.
  2. So, for now, majority think that upgrading from 10700k to this cpu worth it if you have 3000 series card.
  3. No, because I have seen that situation all recently fenix videos.
  4. Yes... But at the end, our company's a320's does not give this fault after switching power on.
  5. Hello, i have a problem with fenix, after start the gpu or apu i get cab pressure 1-2 fault, after irs switching to nav it goes. This is normal behaviour?
  6. No fix for ugly, far from real one stab trim sounds???
  7. Why does asobo still updates default airbus neo? There are already very good buses out there freeware or payware. They can focus on grainy and pixelated clouds, live weather, traffic, atc instead.
  8. These updated stab trim sounds is far from real one. You can look at zibo 737's if you want to know how it really sounds.
  9. Now Ultra clouds settings is equal to medium clouds settings before xbox release(su5). Also Pixelated and grainy clouds have begun with this su5 update. Unless Xbox and pc versions seperates completely we wont be able to see any further improvement graphics wise.
  10. Depending on lightning conditions my clouds can be still very pixelated and grainy. Is it just me?
  11. Hello, Is there any way to remove seats from cockpit, at cdu settings when i remove cockpit seats i can't move freely as if there is no seat. When i set zoom to 70(closer to real one) i need to back camera position, but i cant because of cockpit seats. Any tips?
  12. How about clouds on tiles? For example google tiles are free of clouds?
  13. Hello all, I have shimmering problem with many custom airports and buildings. I think this problem is related to manufactures technic. Some scenery developer is caring about it some is not. So is there any setting at nvidia control panel to reduce these annoying shimmerings?
  14. If we say the truth about Xp 11 terrain, even with orbx true earth it can't reach msfs terrain level. I hope this will change with version 12.
  15. It looks bad? Maybe some maps tiles can have weird color problems but generally they are way better than old stock terrain textures.
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