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  1. Thanks for this. Yes, I have been looking hard at DCS but they only have the SuperHornet (for naval), which no doubt is very good but also not cheap. In contrast FSX/P3D has a world of support which, as mjrhealth said, has been ported over from FSX. To answer HumptyDumpty by naval aviation I mean a choice of aircraft, choice of carriers, choice of landing grounds, choice of landing gauges, It also has a Deck Landing Control Officer and a virtual Landing Signal Officer who will grade your landings. Much of this is freeware. Unfortunately, X Plane does not even know of many of these things. I am not knocking XP, it is just that P3D has a long history which XP has not yet built up. Probably, in time it will, but for now for the reasons shown above, P3D is better. I will probably continue with XP for civil flying, and use P3D for naval, which I think is more challenging. Regards, Tregarth
  2. Thank you, you have confirmed my doubts. I have found the carrier which is OK (just). I think that for naval aviation P3D is light years ahead of X Plane, simply because FSX/P3D have been going for longer and so have developed a thriving naval aviation community . No doubt XP will catch up in time. In the meantime if you want to fly civil - X Plane, if you want to fly naval - FSX/P3D. Hopefully someone will prove me wrong. Regards, Tregarth
  3. I have just made the move from FSX/P3D where there are a great amount of websites and add-ons devoted to naval aviation i.e. carriers, gauges, aircraft, carrier landing training scenery etc. Are there similar websites in X-Plane? If so can you please point me at them? I have landed the default Cessna on the default USS Nimitz but am now looking for other planes, carriers etc. I have asked X-plane who have suggested I use Google but Google is not that helpful. Thank you Tregarth
  4. Thanks for the info, will try Cinema Verite on my next Carrier landing in the Cessna. Didn't need another stick - I simply reassigned the jerking slider to Off and later to Speed Brakes - all is now good. Thank you, Tregarth
  5. Thank you both. Zooming in and out showed max shake at the mid point of the slider. As soon as I disconnected the X-52 Joystick the shaking stopped. Tried switching Cinema Verite on and off - no difference. What does it do? Looks like I ned a new joystick. Regards, Tregarth
  6. I am new to X Plane 11, previously an FSX/P3D user. I am starting to use the default Cessna and even sitting on the runway the panel and scenery shake really badly much worse than in FSX. If I move the eye point to the back of the cock[pit the shaking reduces to 0. But when I am at a sensible viewpoint the instruments shake (vibrate?) badly. Is this normal for XP or is there a setting I need to turn on or off? Thank you, Tregarth
  7. Have these flights been made with or without KB4038788 which seems to be causing so much trouble for v3.4? LM say MS is working on a fix for KB4038788/v 3.4 but it looks as if it won't be ready before the imminent Fall Creators Update is released.
  8. I have been looking more closely at the Dash 8 and Saitek Radio panel. I cannot make the Saitek panel write to the Saitek panel, BUT the Dash 8 radio immediately changes the Saitek panel values when the frequencies are changed in the Dash 8 on screen radios. So, if the Dash 8 radios are talking to the Saitek Radio panel I do not understand why the Saitek panel cannot talk to the Dash 8 panel. I have no problem say, setting up the Saitek frequencies, clicking the [-] on the Dash 8 radio to make that standby radio become active but I cannot see how to transfer the Saitek values to the Dash 8. I have posted this on the Majestic support forum to see if someone has any ideas. Tregarth
  9. A while ago a friend tried to show me how to make the FSX Majestic Q400 (Pilot Edition) radios work with the Saitek Radio panel using LINDA but it did not work. I have tried using SPAD but this did not work either. Can you please tell me if this has now been fixed? I find that trying to tune the radios on screen whilst using TrackIR very difficult because I can't keep my head still, which is very frustrating. For this reason I am hoping that LINDA will allow me to use the Saitek panel. Any advice would be really appreciated, Thank you, Tregarth
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