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  1. Hey Bill,Try this:StartAngleScript="(A:TURB ENG CORRECTED N1:1,percent) 2.1 *"orStartAngleScript="((A:TURB ENG CORRECTED N1:1,percent) 2.1 *)"I don't think you need the percent signs and the fixed length formatting (which is probably turning your numeric value into a string).
  2. If FSCopilot is using the RTM or SP1 version of SimConnect, then you might be having an issue with your firewall software (Pete's latest FSUIPC uses the SP2 version, if available, which added support for a Named Pipe connection to bypass problems with firewalls, so his might still load when other addons won't).
  3. Vista already has .Net 2.0 installed (and 3.0 for that matter), and in both 32 and 64 bit versions on Vista 64.
  4. I don't know anything about WOAI, but from the error message, it looks like its having a problem parsing some sort of control file. Its trying to convert a string value to an integer, but the string has extraneous characters after it, there probably needs to be a space (or some other character) between the 23 and the //... on that line in the control file.
  5. Looks like the texture memory on the card got exhausted or corrupted.
  6. The 512MB number is counting both the 256MB on-card memory, and an additional 256MB of main system memory that the card is allowed to "steal" and use for its own purposes across the PCI/E bus.
  7. Look on the Settings | Graphics dialog page and see if the "Preview DX10" checkbox is selected.
  8. I think your friends are confused :->. There is no SimConnect interface for FS9, that's a new feature of FSX. There's no way SimConnect could do anything with FS9, its just not possible. Maybe they are using some other library that happens to have the same name as the new FSX API layer (although I've never heard of it before).The only SimConnect.DLL files that should exist, are in the windows SxS (Side by Side) directories, and possibly under the SDK installed dir (although these versions should never be loaded, only the SxS versions should be loaded).Yes, the different versions of the SimConnect.DLL are for the different Service Pack levels of FSX (RTM, SP1, SP2). That's why these live in the SxS directory, to allow different versioned DLLs to be installed and coexist peacefully allowing addons written to a specific version to be loaded even if the version of FSX has been upgraded to a later Service Pack level (ie an addon written against the SP1 version of SimConnect will still load under SP2, using the SP1 version of the SimConnect.DLL file).
  9. FSX doesn't add that option, Vista puts that option on all shortcuts.
  10. It's already in there, just right click on a 3D window, go to the Air Traffic menu item, and in the flyout will be a list of the current AI aircraft (or at least as many as will show on the screen anyway). You can also use the A and SHIFT-A keys to cycle forward/back through the list of AI aircraft. This will be a spot view style camera on the AI aircraft.
  11. None of the XPack aircraft have a 2D panel, only a virtual cockpit.
  12. For the starting location in a MP mission, those are set on the Player objects and not in the .FLT file like they are for single player missions, so you just need to edit your Player objects and set starting locations in those.Not sure on your second issue, hopefully someone else will jump in with a possible fix for that.
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