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  1. A car has gone into the back of another car on the road next to my house and we was only meters away.. Scary

  2. Got the BETA Google Chrome BOOM its fast!!

  3. Happy 2012 everyone!!

  4. Doing some stalling today in G-BBJX :)

  5. OK Lifes Checklist,Earn Flying License before driving a car [/]Make a successful non profit business [/]Get on some decent education [/]Love Life [/]

  6. Just got out of G-BBJX :D 3.2 hours now :P

  7. FML at least the internet might be a tad quicker tomorrow, its not now :(.14/12/2011 @ 17:33When's this work happening?Early tomorrow morning, 15th December.What does it affect?The route some of your traffic takes across the Internet.How long will it take?Up to 7 hours.What does the work involve?We've received notification from one of our transit and peering providers that they will be performing some routing maintenance early tomorrow morning.Am I likely to notice this work?...

  8. Just did Ice skating and did OK Now a McDonalds god I love college :D

  9. Man you really cant take a joke Tj Padgett XD

  10. I got 2 hours done now in G-BBJX did a perfect stable approach apparently :D 2.1 hours :P

  11. Getting ready to go to the airfield to fly G-BBJX again :D

  12. Is on BTEC ICT Level 2!!!!!! :D

  13. So i have just applied to the new PSS Black Box Simulations as a Web Technician "eeeeek"

  14. James Bar has a sick Maroon 5 remix on at the minute tune in to Capital :D

  15. Had a amazing first lesson :D

  16. My dads just got off the phone my first lesson is booked for Saturday flying the resident Cessna 152 G-BBJX cant wait :D.

  17. Just been for my first flight in a Sligsby Firefly im starting my PPL in a few weeks cant wait :D.

  18. Waterloo Road Time ♥

  19. Sorry i worded that completely wrong, 1 hour until our Timezone will match Zulu time no more time to Zulu lol.

  20. PMDG 737NGX SP1 is now out its AWSOME!!!!

  21. Going to the very broken Faro Airport now :L

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