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  1. I'll be pleasantly surprised if it makes an appearance, but I'm not really holding out hope at this point. They released the 777 for FSX four years ago next month, IIRC.
  2. I can reactivate P3D easily. No sense reformatting my entire machine for a video card. PMDG is about the only company I have addons from that require this amount of work to prevent issues. A little under 30 minutes later, I'm done with them all.
  3. Yeah, honestly I don't care when it happens. I just want the feature to hit their backlog for development. But so far I'm 15 minutes into this with one plane left to go. The license dialog forces the sim to close after each deactivation. Even on SSD, P3D takes a couple of minutes to get fired up in the plane. And lord help you if you have the default config for an aircraft set to cold and dark. :)
  4. I've got a new video card coming tomorrow, so from searching the forums, I gather that I should deactivate my licenses for PMDG stuff before I install the new card and then reactivate. If that's incorrect, please let me know. Given how switching from one PMDG aircraft to another in the same sim session goes, this could take a while for every PMDG product I have installed (NGX, QOTS, 777, DC6). I'm sure PMDG aren't keen on giving out a roadmap, but can you please consider adding license management to the Ops Center so that it's decoupled from the simulator environment?
  5. I'm not going to feel bad that they're sending more money to AWS for S3 data egress charges due to installer issues (I seem to recall they use S3 for file distribution). Their cost to improve the process is just the cost of running a business.The constant uninstall/reinstall process is a bit burdensome. As someone who works in this industry for a living, I'm not going to pretend that things don't happen and customers are sometimes asked to accommodate the developer for a time while they work something out. I'm willing to deal with it for now. That said, this is starting to get old and there will come a point where "we're improving the installer" just isn't a good excuse anymore from a customer service perspective. That's not a dig at PMDG; I'd make the same statement about any company from which I purchased software.
  6. In the scheme of things, this is terribly minor, but thought I'd report it as a Google search returned nothing on this for me. PMDG Operations Center Updater in the start menu is listed as PMDG Ooerations Center Updater.
  7. Raw Boeing image of the 747 wing load test: *source: http://www.boeingimages.com/archive/Second%20747%20Wing%20Bend%20Test-2F3XC5K05FD.html And then we have QOTS II during a normal approach to land: Guys, I understand that you coded based on feedback from people with the type rating and technical documentation, but that doesn't mean there isn't a problem.
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