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  1. I am unable to have the Comanche autopilot connect to the GTN GPS. The plane drifts off and and wont change direction at Flight plan way points. I have the Comanche autopilot HDG connected and GPS in the GTN. Only a newbie with the GTN750 and any help appreciated Richard
  2. Thanks Frank, very helpful and much appreciated Richard
  3. Using no bezel. When right clicking I get the various view menus wherever I click on the GTN. However I have re installed the panel configuration mod from Bills511 and now I am able to get a pop up when I left click the edge of the GTN. I can then ( on the pop up) get the configuration screen. I am still unable to have the home or DTO buttons work on either screen (pop up or original) but not a big deal One other question is with the update 2.5 11 . When extracted do I run the complete installer again and assume it overwrites the original in my system? TIA Richard
  4. I am unable to open the configuration panel for the GTN 750 by Shift right click the top edge. I am also unable to use dct to and home buttons any assistance greatly appreciated Richard
  5. Great that fixed it, came on as soon as i powered up the aircraft. Next question: right clicking in the GTN screen does NOT bring up the popup screen, any thoughts on this Cheers Richard
  6. The panel cfg file on my computer is C/users/Richard/Prepar3Dv4Add-0ns/A2A/SimObjects/Airplanes/A2A_PA24_250_Comanche/panel [VCockpit03] size_mm=1024,1024 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$GTN750 background_color=0,0,0 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750VC, 0,0,677,794,UNIT1 Thanks for your assistance Richaes
  7. Bill, I am having the same problem as you describe above, new purchase of the GTN 750 in my Comanche. I dont even know what the bezel is so not sure what entries i need to adjust and which cfg files. any assistance would be appreciated. Iused the comanche panel configuration posted by Bills511 from forum mods Richard
  8. I emailed them with the details of my previous purchase of their Otter and received an email back within 30 minutes with the discount code. just waiting for some reviews prior to purchase as I was not that impressed with the original Otter Raknal
  9. Turn off Num Lock and use Shift + whatever key u want in num pad
  10. If I do the content update will it be necessary to re install my 3rd party add on aircraft Thanks in advance Raknal
  11. I cant see P3D in the application, how do you get it to point to P3D Richard
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