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  1. Thanks for replying, Bob. Let's hope Carenado will address this bug. Best regards, Henri
  2. Hi, I noticed in FSX:SE that the elevator trim indicator in the DO228-100 indicates the opposite of what it should do, but only when the pilot instrument lights are switched on. I.e., when I trim up, the indicator indicates trimming down (while the plane actually is trimming up). When the pilot instrument lights are switched off, everything is normal again. Am I the only one noticing such behaviour? Best regards, Henri
  3. Dear Rob and Sean, I want to thank you for all you have given to the flight sim community, not only in terms of outstanding products, but also in terms of kindness and friendship. I have been a customer and supporter of RealAir from the very beginning and I will continue to use your creations for years to come. Of course I am sad to hear that you will close shop, but I do understand. I sincerely hope that Carla's recovery is going to continue, so that she and Sean can enjoy life together in good health. I wish all of you the best and thank you again. Best wishes, Henri
  4. Tom, Thanks so much for all you have given to the community. Rest in peace. My condolences to your family and friends. Henri
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