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  1. You are right Scotty! That worked! Just uninstall NGX then go into simobjects /airplanes and take out what was left. The 800WL and 900WL files were still there. Re-install NGX and then install liveries! I still open txt's in a livery file on desktop. They are all working... Sorry Ryan, I missed a step...... Jim
  2. Ryan--I did everything like you said. I did a clean install of NGX, downloaded from site again, set up livery file, downloaded the liveries to it, all new, opened them in it, then opened the manager. I still get " textures already loaded"....but they are not. I did this twice, making sure I was following your instructions. No luck. Am I doing something wrong? All I really want is AAL ....any suggestions? Also, thanks for a great product!!
  3. I have tried the graphics sugestion and sound sugestion. (OPT2 and Sound) I am happy to report that I do not have the disapearing textures or black screen any longer. I have flown approx. 10 long flights and have had no issues. Changing from windows to full screen, no problems!! What a relief!!! I never could fly a long or short haul without texture problems. It had become a way of life....NO LONGERThis is working for me. Thank you to ******* for the help. You are the best! Also to Ryan, for all the hard work. Building a MONSTER system for 737NGX!!! Now I am really looking forward to the next generation.******* and Ryan I would be honored to fly wing with you sometime. Thanks!!!
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