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  1. Virtualviking

    Have any of you tried this? (SweetFX)

    Does SweetFX work with 3 monitors (Eyefinity) or not? I cant seem to find definitive information! IT DOES work with my 3 monitors. I just had to untick AA in the FSX settings. Excellent! The vibrant look is really refreshing! Did FSX look "modern" in 2006? Because of the systems/type of screens back then? *H'Hmmm*
  2. Virtualviking

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    I have given up on ENB. I use two monitors - and it seems like a known bug. Glad for any hints on how to use it anyway though.
  3. Virtualviking

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    Hi guys, nice forum you have going here. Been lurking for some time now. And a very special thanks goes out to ******* for making my FSX experience better than ever. I have tried this mod on my 5870, and the the sim is smoother, no doubt. Though the fps has not improved the sim feels much better. Very nice. My "specs":Using CCC Super Sampling AA16X AFBP=0Affinity Mask=14HighmemfixForceFullScreenVSync=1Shader Mod 3.0EnbseriesREX2PROLBLEM: I get black bars/spikes/artifacts on & off. They come and go. I can get rid of them by turing on/off the menu bar (alt). Its always the same type, a black "spike" in front of my view that disapears if I pan aound. Otherwise the IQ/FPS is excellent!The problem showed up AFTER this mod.Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!