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  1. What happend to avsims policy regarding personal use of P3D? Have the wannabe lawyers laid the case to rest?
  2. EDIT: 2 posts deleted?
  3. Yup, several ways I believe. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=hide+default+aircraft+fsx
  4. What about panels like the NGX FMC? Anyone know?
  5. Is it possible to save panel sizes and locations? That would be fantastic!
  6. Does SweetFX work with 3 monitors (Eyefinity) or not? I cant seem to find definitive information! IT DOES work with my 3 monitors. I just had to untick AA in the FSX settings. Excellent! The vibrant look is really refreshing! Did FSX look "modern" in 2006? Because of the systems/type of screens back then? *H'Hmmm*
  7. Took a WestJet (wrong company I know, but better than Scandinavian....) 737-600 into PADU RW 30 last night. Not to hard actually. I'm going to try RW 12 and the 700 also.
  8. The picture in the first post is not mine, but it looks almost the same. Haven't figured out how to upload pics to posts here at avsim. (Do I need to use a photo-host to to that? I have already plotted in SAK and Dutch Harbor X. I REALLY miss some scenery for Cold Bay and Kodiak.......
  9. Northern California. Planned scenery as far as I understand it.
  10. Im trying to collect a overview for my (or stuff that I'm planning to buy) addon sceneries in Google Earth. This thread was to see if anyone knew of such a resource or resources. I have already made my own layer for Dutch Harbor X from Aerosoft! You mention Orbx/FTX; I would like to know if any other enthusiast/developer has done the same?
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