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  1. Thanks Ryan!There's also AIRAC "update" for fsx http://www.btinternet.com/~gb.mitch/index.html if anyone's interested, it's outdated but it's much better than default :)Regards,
  2. No there's not, because Radeons don't support combined (MM+SS) anti aliasing modes. If you have HD6xxx then you can force AA into any d3d app from driver level (at least AMD claims so).
  3. Exactly I mean EADI and EHSI:8x Multi-sampling only:http://ifotos.pl/img/2011-1-27_hhhprsa.jpg8xQ version:http://ifotos.pl/img...-27_hhhprsq.jpg8xSQ version:http://ifotos.pl/zob...-27_hhhprap.jpgNow comparing 8xQ vs 8xMS screenshots, I can see some AA on displays in 8xQ, it's just almost unnoticeable in-game. But still because of missing lines, EADI and EHSI are very hard to read in some cases without 8xSQ, when high definition displays are enabled in J41 Cofig Manager.
  4. I can only add, that 8xS version doesn't work with my GTX275 (only edges are anti aliased), and with 8xSQ I have huge impact on frame rates and whole cockpit is anti aliased so much, that my eyes can't stand it for longer than 5 minutes ;) Btw, I will probably switch to AMD6970 soon, so maybe I'll be the one of the few to test FSX with it and it's AA modes (yeah, I know it lacks combined ones, but they don't work with my NVIDIA either, so I got used to it already).Ryan, I know it's not best place to ask it, but will NGX displays require anti aliasing, like J41 does?
  5. They have already confirmed SP2, it will be released after the release of 737NGX. Set cockpit detail to normal and it will work fine.
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