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  1. Thanks Ryan!There's also AIRAC "update" for fsx http://www.btinternet.com/~gb.mitch/index.html if anyone's interested, it's outdated but it's much better than default :)Regards,
  2. No there's not, because Radeons don't support combined (MM+SS) anti aliasing modes. If you have HD6xxx then you can force AA into any d3d app from driver level (at least AMD claims so).
  3. Exactly I mean EADI and EHSI:8x Multi-sampling only:http://ifotos.pl/img/2011-1-27_hhhprsa.jpg8xQ version:http://ifotos.pl/img...-27_hhhprsq.jpg8xSQ version:http://ifotos.pl/zob...-27_hhhprap.jpgNow comparing 8xQ vs 8xMS screenshots, I can see some AA on displays in 8xQ, it's just almost unnoticeable in-game. But still because of missing lines, EADI and EHSI are very hard to read in some cases without 8xSQ, when high definition displays are enabled in J41 Cofig Manager.
  4. I can only add, that 8xS version doesn't work with my GTX275 (only edges are anti aliased), and with 8xSQ I have huge impact on frame rates and whole cockpit is anti aliased so much, that my eyes can't stand it for longer than 5 minutes ;) Btw, I will probably switch to AMD6970 soon, so maybe I'll be the one of the few to test FSX with it and it's AA modes (yeah, I know it lacks combined ones, but they don't work with my NVIDIA either, so I got used to it already).Ryan, I know it's not best place to ask it, but will NGX displays require anti aliasing, like J41 does?
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