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  1. Q-twice is fix for this issue, which is very common, I have it with NGX and other aircraft.
  2. I had this (or similar) problem, but only with first builds of Accu-Feel, after few updates everything started to work as it should.
  3. You have pressed "follow this forum" button on main page of this forum, press it again (I think).
  4. Regarding question 2: No, it's impossible. You should get at least FSUIPC or AS2012 or best both of them Weather engines will not affect performance unless you use high quality textures that come with them. AS2012 WDC mode will smooth out all winds, but will cause other problems, like wrong runway assignments etc, Smooth Cloud Transitions with smoothing from FSUIPC is best of both worlds in my opinion. There are other weather engines out there but I don't use them, so can't say how they work etc.
  5. There should be absolutely no problems with AS2012 and NGX. Which mode in AS2012 are you using? DWC has enough smoothing and flight should be flawless, while with Smooth Clods Transitions and Standard there will be rapid changes in wind direction and speed. There was bug in some older versions of FSUIPC, which could lead to s-turns, the walkaround was to set all weather options to off (in FSUIPC cfg), this bug was fixed long time ago, but you can always try flight with FSUIPC removed from FSX to check it out.
  6. FSX? Most probably not. NGX? Most probably yes.
  7. Nope, as Jay mentioned it above, this must be done in Photoshop, or other advanced photo editor. Changing it in FSX menu will affect only ATC.
  8. Xenon is better, but harder to overclock and more expensive...
  9. Fix? They're making it from scratch so be prepared for brand new set of bugs
  10. System repair may be a problem here. It takes your current settings but restores outdated files, this must lead to errors. I have recently upgraded Windows7 to 8 with same results. Full clean OS installation was required to clean all the mess that "update" process did. Repair is good for office computers, that usually are used only for text and porn
  11. I had similar issue on WIndows 8 and Aerosoft's Ibiza, it was caused by Ibiza's road traffic. Disabling that feature in Aerosoft options fixed it. I know it may have nothing to do with OP's issue, but it never hurts to try
  12. There's no cheap way, always buy as good equipment as you can afford, or even better! This way, you wont be limited by your gear, also there will be no excuses like: "I can't play this, because my bass sucks...", and if you wanna be really good, expect to sacrifice a lot. Being "touched by god" and having natural talent is good, but without long hours spend on practicing, means nothing.
  13. Indeed FSX can be frustrating, but also gives lots of fun once you sort out all problems. I have no idea what to say more, try talking with HiFi team on their forum, they're very helpful and have great support. official: http://www.hifitechinc.com/forums/forum.php unofficial: http://forum.avsim.net/forum/171-the-unofficial-active-sky-support-forum/
  14. That's what I call souvenir
  15. It seems that you are using Win7/8/Vista and have FSX installed in default Program Files directory, which has additional security restrictions. It's good idea to install FSX outside of this directory.
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