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  1. META data of the real world is not guarantied would be depicted exactly in the SIM like in the real world. I am looking for actual wind speed/direction that is in the SIM, not in a real airport.. also many airport I fly don't even have METAR data available or published. looking good. I tested it and it seems it brings exactly what I need. thanks man...
  2. @zetato if you find the cause please let me know. I also had once or twice a SIM freeze, but I always getting a CTD if I load AAO before the cockpit is loaded (only with PMDG 737). I only run AAO and vPilot. my EXE.XML is empty
  3. @787flyer yeah, that is what I kinda forced to do, to use Flight radar with Zoom in, but I found it's not so beneficial for my fights as I usually fly from smaller domestic airports in south east Asia which the airliners don't turn on their ADS-B (assuming that is what tracks the aircraft in FR24) until they on the runway, and for sure those airports don't have websites to go check.. 🙂
  4. With FSX/P3D if I press Shift + Z it shows the current wind seep and Direction, how do I do this in MSFS 2020?
  5. That is the thing, I mainly rescan because I need the Apron information for gates, etc. not so much for the flight planning
  6. yeah, but I noticed it screws things up if you use Navigraph for aerodrome information, as not always it match to what actually is installed in the SIM. i tried using it in the past and it creates more mess then help. Also Navigraph don't have all airports, it is not as fully coverage like Jeppesen. especially when we talking about smaller airports, even some of them smaller airports that have commercial flights from are not always covered by Navigraph. I guess not many, but few that I encountered with caused me to find refuge from Jeppesen. So if you enable using Navigraph for aerodrome information, you might lose any information on those airports that are not covered by Navigraph. So in practice, parking spots and aerodrome information comes from the scenery and not from Navigraph.
  7. Is there a way to do a rescan of a specific folder (e.g. community folder) instead of doing a full DB scan including the MSFS base scenery? It is more frequent to custom add/remove an airports (payware / freeware) during daily use, then Updating the SIM. doing a full scan takes good few minutes to complete when all you did was adding/removing one airport at your community folder. why should I rescan all the MSFS base scenery again when those has not changed? I know you can include / exclude a custom folder(s) to the scan in settings, but I couldn't find anywhere to instruct LNM to scan only changes to that folder. I mainly looking into "community" folder only changes / scanning
  8. Parking spots by default in LNM are not coming from the Navigraph, but from the scenery files themselves. I also validated this, by installing an Airport and after i ran a DB re-scan, parking spots changed even though I was using the same Navigraph DB.
  9. It's a nice Idea, but what I noticed that usually the tracking of a flight starts somewhere around the TAXI way or even the RWY itself and not at the gate.
  10. does LittleNavMap has the ability to display the Airport Terminal(s) number/letter (e.g. Airport that has more then 1 terminal)?
  11. LittleNavMap , doesn't really show terminal, it only shows me Parking Spots / Gates. here is an example: HKT/VTSP, aka Phuket International Airport in Thailand. it has two Terminals, Terminal 1 & 2. this is from LittleNavMap view of the Airport (not to be confused with T1 & T2 in the pic, those are the main TAXI ways in/out). Another Example, take KUL/WMKK, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA 1) in Malaysia. it has 2 terminals. LittleNavMap shows only T1 and no T2 when the matter of fact KLIA (WMKK) has two terminals that are Terminal "M" and Terminal "C", Not T1 & T2 (I added the Terminal M/C into the pic).
  12. You saying that a certain registration always gets the same gate, no matter their destination? what I understand by this is that you don't get the actual gate/stand, but just the depiction where on the map the aircraft is and then I need to open a ground chart to try and guess the closest gate to the map, is that correct?
  13. Is there any website that shows which gate a flight departed from and arrived to (historical data obviously) - mainly outside of the NA region? I couldn't find this on FlightAware nor in FR24, at least not that i could find. I did find that flightstats.com has partial information that sometimes shows the gate(s) but many times it is blank (Outside the US mainly). I want this information when flying offline for my flight planning to try and simulate the departure and arrival gates as well.
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